Dr. James Stoxen DC Playing a Big Role in Boxing in Chicago

Dr. James Stoxen DC Playing a Big Role in Boxing in Chicago
By Ike “Bazooka” Quartey
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Dr. James Stoxen and his Team Doctors Treatment Centers will be front and center when top boxers nationwide converge on Chicago for the Friday, Oct. 15 “Latin Showdown” fight card at Hawthorne Race Course presented by Dominic Pesoli’s 8 Count Productions and Bob Arum’s Top Rank Incorporated along with Miller Lite.

Tickets for this event can be purchased in advance by calling 312-226-5800.

Dr. Stoxen, Chicago chiropractor consultant to an estimated 1,000 national and world champions and entertainers has been fighter Miguel “Macho” Hernandez’ personal consultant from the beginning of his boxing career, most recently helping to get the Illinois State middleweight champion ready for his co-headlining bout with Victor Lares.

Stoxen’s Team Doctors Treatment Centers, at 6432 S. Pulaski, will be the site of the weigh-in on Thursday night at 7pm for the entire card. Stoxen has recently completed an expansion, making it the one of the only chiropractic center in the country that not only provides treatment but also training to elite athletes.

Stoxen and Hernandez have worked extremely hard to get the promising fighter ready for his first televised bout. Hernandez began treating with Stoxen for nagging elbow, shoulder and leg problems prior to the Chicago Golden Gloves tournament two years ago. With Stoxen’s diet and nutrition advice, Stoxen’s strength and conditioning training and Sam Colona’s boxing training, Hernandez trained his way from 220 pounds down to a powerhouse 158. Hernandez has stayed tight with Stoxen since then and is destined to become a middleweight contender with his combination of incredible speed, power and endurance.

“One of the major factors that will keep Hernandez climbing to the top is that he works hard on training techniques I taught him to make his joints incredibly strong allowing him to hit the bag as hard and as long as he wants with a low risk of injury. Part of being a success in this sport is staying in it long enough to get the experience to beat better fighters” Stoxen said. “Most athletes do rotator cuff exercises when rehabilitating to strengthen the shoulder for instance, Miguel does them every shoulder workout — and with speed — and keeps getting stronger every training session. That would explain his devastating knockouts.”

Stoxen also advised Hernandez on strengthening his body from the “core” outward. “When I first started, Dr Stoxen taught me this insane abdominal training program where one of the exercises I was suspended from mid air from my elbows in a pike position whipping my body side to side with my abdominals. I could only do one or two. I asked him to show me and he knocked off 100 within a minute or two — and now I complete a training program of close to 1,500 power abdominal reps on four different machines at Team Doctors. If a 40-year-old chiropractor can do it, I can do it!’ says Hernandez.

“I felt like a new person,” Hernandez said of the results of his training. “Running was improved because he rebuilt my feet legs hips and back with this deep tissue work and fit me with state-of-the-art training shoes. My balance got better with specialized hip training exercises. And, I could once again hit hard with my shoulders and straighten my elbow,” after struggling with a longtime baseball injury due to long sessions of deep tissue work he did on me.”

Adds Stoxen: “Hernandez is a family man, with a lot of pride and cares for his children and friends. We like to work with him because he sets a good example with his drive and his work ethic for young people, other parents and our patients at Team Doctors Treatment Centers.” Regardless if he wins another title, he is a winner in life.

Stoxen’s growing list of Chicago area boxers includes Miguel Hernandez, Luciano Perez, Trinidad Garcia, Michael Bennett, David Diaz, Rocky Martinez, Fernando Hernandez, Al Gonzalez, Jason Robinson, Jermaine Marks, Vaughn Bean, Cecelia Barazza, Cris Riley, Amber Gideon, Bryant Theolite, Jimmie Sandoval, Elizabeth Kerin, Olga Vlasova, john Black, Rosa Rubio, Nora Reyes, Sergey Dychkov, Diamond Baier, CharlesWade, Bose Ijaola, Kimmy Alaya, Daniel Castillo and UFC heavy weight contender Andre Arlovski

For more information on Team Doctors, Miguel Hernandez and Dr James Stoxen, D.C., please call one of these numbers: (773) 735 5200, (312) 375 7303. Dr. Stoxen and Miguel Hernandez will be at the weigh-in at Team Doctors for interviews and demonstrations starting at 5 p.m. Thursday at 6432 S Pulaski, Chicago, Il 60629.

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