Dr James Stoxen DC Speaks at the 2nd Annual Bangkok Anti-Aging Conference, Bangkok, Thailand 2005

Dr James Stoxen DC Speaks at
the 2nd Annual Bangkok Anti-Aging Conference
Bangkok, Thailand, February 24-27, 2005

Dr James Stoxen DC lecturing to the delegates

The Second Annual Bangkok Anti-Aging Conference took place at the Bumrungrad Hospital Complex  February 24-27 2005. An official scientific educational program co-supported by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), the event drew hundreds of physicians from Asia and Oceania attending as program delegates. The host venue, Bumrungrad Hospital Complex, is a state-of-the-art facility and the leading internationally accredited hospital in Asia.

Many westerners get their surgeries performed there because doctors educated in the United States or other highly qualified hospital teaching institutions perform the medical procedures. It is a very popular hospital for the elite of Asia.

Dr James Stoxen DC demonstrating a modified Trendelenburg test on a delegate audience member

Over 400 delegates from around the world attended the medical conference. They were eager to learn from the numerous world-renowned experts in the anti-aging medical specialties. This important conference included distinguished faculty from around the world and offered an opportunity to provide valuable information on anti-aging concepts to the regional medical community, health and wellness professionals, and selected public. It was an honor to be invited to speak at such an important medical conference especially since Dr Stoxen was the first and only chiropractor to ever speak at this conference.

Dr James Stoxen DC demonstrating how to examine the lower extremity musculature

“Human Spring Approach”

Dr Stoxen opened the program with some basic background on how simple changes in biomechanics can cause destructive arthritic forces in the kinematic chain. At one point he asked for a volunteer from the audience who had non-traumatic unilateral knee pain. He stated that without the patient telling him what side the knee pain was on, he would be able to detect what side the pain was after performing some simple biomechanical tests.

Trendellenburg Test:

The first test was a modified trendelenburgs test, which showed that the patient had unilateral weakness in the kinematic chain, which is usually more prominent on the side of the knee chondromalacia. In this photo you see the patient (a doctor who was in the audience) has his right foot externally rotated to compensate for the weakness on the opposite side causing balance to be compromised.

Dr James Stoxen DC demonstrating how to examine the foot and ankle

Kinematic Chain Evaluation:

In this examination Dr Stoxen is evaluating the regions of the kinematic chain of the patient to determine if and where the patterns of spasticity, subluxation and weakness were. In this case Dr Stoxen is palpating the tensor fascia latae for spasticity. He did Clarks Test and other tests, which determine what the state of the knee joint is.

Dr James Stoxen’s Conclusion:

“It is possible to predict where the patient will more likely have pain before the patient has the pain. These areas of preloaded tension on the human spring mechanism are predictable based on the pattern of movement in the gait evaluation.  The next step is to back up what is noted in the gait evaluation by examining for painful muscle tension in the muscles which are in this pattern.  More clinical studies must be done to determine the accuracy of this examination approach.  

Dr James Stoxen DC demonstrating how the spring mechanism of the foot works

“Early detection and prevention is the essence of what anti-aging medicine is all about. That is what is called the paradigm shift from disease based medicine which is treating a patients arthritis or medical problem when the patient presents with symptoms or with anti-aging medicine we detect risk factors and areas which are more at risk for disease and intervene before symptoms or the disease state has a chance to manifest itself.”

Dr James Stoxen DC receiving a gift from the organizing committee chairman for lecturing.

The Bumrungrad International Hospital

Dr James Stoxen DC and friends take a day to see the temples of Thailand

2nd Annual Bangkok Anti-Aging Conference Distinguished Speakers

Bill Anton, B.Sc., PhD (Australia)
Lecturer, Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia
CEO, PathLab

Sinn Anuras, M.D., FACP (Thailand) 
Chairman, Thai Anti-Aging Medicine Association
Medical Director, Bumrungrad Hospital

Krairerk Athirakul, M.D. (Thailand)
Associate Director, Clinical Research Center of Bumrungrad Hospital
Topic : Hormone Profile in Thais

Vittrio Calabrese MD, PhD (Italy)
Topic : Carbon Monoxide : The salvation of organ transplatation

Gerard Chuah, MD (Singapore)
Senior Consultant Eye Surgeon, Mount Elizabeth Medical Center, Singapore
Topic : Antioxidants, Lutein and Zeazanthin intake—Prevention of Age related Macula Degeneration

Robert Goldman, M.D., Ph.D., FAASP, D.O., FAOASM (USA)
Chairman, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
Topic: Better, Stronger, Faster — Human Enhancement & Augmentation :
Advances via Biotechnology and Anti-Aging Medicine

Ronald Klatz, M.D., D.O. (USA)
President, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
Topic : Demographics of aging

Michael Klentze, M.D., Ph.D. (Germany)
Medical Director, Klentze Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine, Munich, Germany
Topic : Safe HRT in Men and Women (Avoiding Breast and Prostate Cancer Risk)

Suvaddhana LOAP, M.D. (France)
Medical Director, Medecine Anti-Age Paris France
Topic : Anti-Aging Effects of Mesotherapy

Robert Nataf, M.D. 
Topic : Estrogens and Cancer, the Hidden Meaning of this Relationship

Giovanni Scapagnini MD, PhD (Italy) 
Topic : Modulation of cellular stress response in the central nervous system by a novel class of polyphenolic compounds

James Stoxen, D.C. (USA)
President, Team Doctors Treatment Centers
Topic : Foot Pronation – How a Simple Biomechanical Dysfunction Accelerates the Aging Process: The Most Effective Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

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