Fitz AOL Fitness: Interviews Wiggles Frontman, Anthony Field As Anthony Demonstrates His Amazing Pull-up Bar Routine

October 17, 2007
Filmed Backstage During The ‘Wiggles’ Tour
Interviewed By Fitz Koehler
Chicago, IL USA

Fitz Koehler from Fitzness International interviews Wiggles frontman, Anthony Field and Dr James Stoxen DC.

Watch as Anthony demonstrates this amazing pull-up bar routine.

Dr James Stoxen DC and Anthony Field backstage working hard

Dr Stoxen taught Anthony this hanging bar routine in 2004 to do backstage to stay in shape while on the road.

He explains how hanging from the bar is also a form of stretching using gravity. This loosens the framework of the body and adds elasticity.

Anthony goes into more detail about his hanging bar exercises in the new book, “How I Got My Wiggle Back” by Anthony Field and Greg Truman.


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