TV Special Medical Report: “When Exercise Accelerates Aging!” Dr. James Stoxen, DC on WGN, Channel 9


Special Medical Report: “When Exercise Accelerates Aging!” 
Dr. James Stoxen, DC
WGN, Channel 9
October 19, 2007
featuring Cindy Pender and Belma Michael Johnson, the Chicago host of “Designed to Sell.

Who says exercise can accelerate aging if its not done right?

It’s contrary to everything we have been told. One doctor says, “It Happens.”

“We used to always talk about exercising the beautiful muscles. The chest, the arms, the back, the thighs, the tri’s. Then they have completely neglected the foundation of the body. The foot and ankle.”

Everyone knows exercise is good, right? Only if you do it right.

“If we have a problem with the foundation of the body then every step we take will cause an accelerated wear and tear on the body. That wear and tear leads to inflammation and that inflammation can cause pain.”

It also ages the body. Reducing the inflammation can reduce the risks down.

Walking, exercising and wearing shoes all strain the feet and subsequently the body.

Restoring a healthy movement pattern which includes allowing the feet to stretch can change that.

“These are the supportive muscles that actually hold the arch up. We are going to re develop these muscles and that way the foot will become elevated and have more spring to it. Wiggle the arch and kind of break loose the spring.”

Get Back The Spring In Your Feet

Cindy Pender, a patient of Dr Stoxen, first gained weight and started walking to shed pounds. But her feet hurt.  She had chronic sciatic nerve pain and chronic pain and fatigue through out her body. “He told me that feet had colapsed and my arches were stiff and frozen. He would tell me the right things to eat to lose weight and how to properly exercise.”

Now, after she lost the chronic pain, lost the sciatica, and lost over 160 pounds with Dr. Stoxen’s diet and training program, she exercises pain free 3 days a week in the Team Doctors private gym. She also runs barefoot in the park with her dog Kayla, hikes, bikes, swims, and even climbed a 20 foot high tree. These are accomplishments she has made for the first time in 50 years.

Working the bodies foundation is the core of working out correctly.

“Designed to Sell” (HGTV) host Belma Johnson figured that out when his body started shutting down. He did not realize that the chronic pain in his shoulder for 30 years was constantly releasing inflammatory chemicals. The problem is, inflammation releases peptides called cytokines that damage cells. The American Heart Association, the Center of Disease and Control, and most experts now warn that over time chronic inflammation contributes to a higher risk for heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer’s, some cancers, and even the aging process itself.

“I came to see Dr Stoxen because I could not lift my arm past here.”

Now Johnson has his finger on the proper technique. Its made all the difference for the workout and the result.

“You know that old saying, it’s better to look good than feel good? The way Dr Stoxen has taught me is it’s better to look good and feel good…..


Tests show the athlete’s arch has lost its natural elastic spring. The result is exercise produces unbalanced forces that travel up the body. At first, the leg muscles compensate, but eventually they become exhausted and those forces damage the knee, hip, back, all the way up to the head. The inflammation is body-wide.

The dilemma is that people sometimes don’t even know they have fallen arches or a frozen arch spring mechanism causing this multi-joint inflammation, and that makes matters worse. Inflammation is most commonly associated with pain, but most of these multiple joint inflammatory conditions don’t cause pain. The inflammation is there, but it’s silent inflammation.

“How Exercise can Speed up the Aging Process” is the lecture subject Dr. Stoxen has been asked to present to over 20,000 physician attendees at the China FDA, China-Pharm conference in Shanghai, October 29 – 31st. Immediately following, Dr. Stoxen has been asked to lecture again on his treatment approach for reversing fallen arches to more than 2,000 physicians, scientists, and hospital principals at the China Health Industry Forum in Dong Guan near Hong Kong, November 1 – 4, 2007.

The Chicago doctor has lectured on this topic to over 20,000 medical doctors and scientists worldwide. He has published over 20 articles on biomechanics and treated hundreds of champion athletes and top celebrities.

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