Why David Diaz Will Knock Out Manny Pacquiao


Why David Diaz Will Knock Out Manny Pacquiao
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On June 28th Hispanics and boxing fans worldwide will be cheering on Chicago’s David Diaz to beat Manny Pacquiao, “The Mexicutioner.” in Las Vegas for the WBC Lightweight crown.

Over one million viewers will watch the fight on HBO Pay-Per-View. Manny Pacquaio, the WBC super featherweight champion is the most cherished athlete in Philippine history (the government has just issued a stamp in his honor.) To win a fourth title in four weight classes, Pacquiao is relying on Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach.

David Diaz (right) and Manny Pacquiao (left) (photo by Juan C Ayllon)

To stop him David Diaz is counting on his boxing trainer, Mike Garcia for the boxing training and Chicago’s Hall of Fame trainer and celebrity chiropractor, Dr. James Stoxen DC for the strength and conditioning.

Diaz has had only three knockouts in his last nine bouts. Yet he predicts, ““I will shock the world and beat Pacquiao at his own game, power for power.”

Why does Diaz have so much confidence he can go power for power with Pacquiao and why does Stoxen think Diaz might easily knock him out?

“He’s 9 knockouts-for-9 fights,” says the world-renown chiropractor. “When David has trained with this approach he has had nine knockouts in nine fights. Diaz brings the heart to this fight: but Dr. Stoxen brings the science. He’s mentored more than 1000 national and world champion athletes and high profile celebrities over the last 20 years. He’s also routinely asked to speak around the world about his unique treatment approaches including lectures to over 30,000 doctors and scientists from 60 countries in the last 2 years. “The key,” says Dr. Stoxen, “is to give David’s punches the maximum snap by developing and using the natural elastic recoil in his body. When you unleash those recoil mechanisms, you can hit hard, fast and with incredible power while conserving energy.”

David Diaz (left) with Dr. James Stoxen DC

Stoxen’s unique training regimen includes exercises he’s designed to improve the recoil in the muscles and tendons of Diaz’ feet, ankles, hips, torso, and neck to increase the speed of his punches. (Diaz also does a special set of abdominal exercises favored by many celebrity clients, including the Wiggles front man Anthony Field).

“It’s all paying off,” says Stoxen. “In just 3 short weeks, David is doing speed training with 100-pound torso twists. Only a few of our heavyweights can train with this heavy weight. The

key is how fast he is moving the weight. It’s almost scary to watch how much speed he’s generating with that much weight. I don’t care who you are or how strong your chin is, the physics tell me that if you deliver a punch with that much force on a 135 pound body is going to knock you out. And no one will cheer harder than Chicago’s Hispanic community. The Philippine fighter has been nicknamed “The Mexicutioner” after beating legendary fighters such as Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera, Juan Manquel Marquez, Oscar Larios and several other Hispanics.

Now Diaz is determined to stop that streak. “I’ve worked too hard for this title and won’t give it up for him,” he says. Dr. Stoxen, who practices on Chicago’s tough south side, says, “This is all my patients talk about. It’s all a matter of national pride. And David will display that pride on June 28th. “ “David will be very well prepared to take this fight to Pacquaio.”

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