Presentation Abstract: Olympic Level Sports Biomechanics: The Future of Anti-aging Medicine

Presentation Abstract:  Olympic Level Sports Biomechanics: The Future of Anti-aging Medicine

The Dubai Congress on Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Medicine in Dubai, UAE, 2008

Anti-aging Medicine as defined by the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine as the earliest detection, intervention and prevention of age related diseases.

The current standard of care only requires doctors to do evaluations of patients musculoskeletal systems when the patients present with signs and symptoms.

In this presentation I will demonstrate that the earliest detection of musculoskeletal conditions such as degenerative arthritis can be achieved far sooner than the onset of the traditional signs and symptoms practiced in disease based medicine.

In this lecture I will present the methods of examination of the most subtle abnormal biomechanics – principally, I maintain, a lack of a properly functioning elastic recoil mechanism, abnormal movement patterns during simple gait and other subtle biomechanical abnormalities can cause excessive shock to the skeleton, reduced efficiency of movement and poor performance of activities of daily living.

All these are possible without the typical signs and symptoms we rely upon in disease based medicine.

I will also discuss how these subtle abnormal movement patterns that cause more than 10 common arthritic conditions can be easily treated with a new approach used on only previously on top-level athletes.

Trainers who work with athletes functioning at the Olympic level look for even the subtlest abnormal biomechanics during the practice and participation in competition to insure the athlete have maximum performance.

It is obvious that the evaluation and correction of these subtle faulty biomechanics exceeds the standard of care for the average patient.

This is the suggested model for the treatment of patients as the future of anti-aging medicine.

I will discuss how this more thorough approach to examination, treatment intervention and preventive medicine can be immediately introduced to your patients.


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