Andrei Arlovski, “The Pit Bull”, Former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Stopped By To See Dr James Stoxen DC. Part 2 of 2

In this interview Dr. Stoxen tells a funny story how he tricked Andrei into eating a healthier diet.

Dr James Stoxen DC and Andrei Arlovski Celebrating after a win against Cabbage at Team Doctors

Dr James Stoxen DC, Andrei Arlovski and his manager Leo Khorlinsky celebrating the win against Cabbage at Team Doctors.

Andrei talks more about his diet and training that helped him win 7 fights in a row including the title.

Andrei gives 3 tips to athletes who want to win.

We hope you get some laughs from watching this interview. 

To learn more about Andrei Arlovski and his upcoming ProElite fight you can visit his website at


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