“When Exercise Accelerates Aging!” By Dr. James Stoxen DC


WGN Channel 9 Special Medical Report


When Exercise Accelerates Aging 
Dr James Stoxen DC
October 19, 2007

In preparation for Dr. Stoxen’s appearance on
WGN Channel 9 for special medical report

This special news report will feature Dr James Stoxen, D.C., President of Team Doctors, Chiropractic Treatment and Training Centers. Dr. Stoxen will talk about how mainstream research has confirmed that inflammation accelerates aging. Now, a growing number of experts believe as a result, in some cases, exercise also speeds the aging process.

Dr. James Stoxen’s Team Doctors patients, Cindy Pender and “Designed To Sell” (HGTV) host Belma Michael Johnson were interviewed by WGN News about their success stories related to slowing the aging process through a unique treatment and training program developed by Dr. Stoxen.

“How Some Exercise can Speed up the Aging Process” is the lecture subject Dr. James Stoxen has been asked to present to over 20,000 physician attendees at the China FDA, China-Pharm conference in Shanghai, October 29 – 31st. Immediately following, Dr. Stoxen has been asked to lecture again on his treatment approach for reversing fallen arches to more than 2,000 physicians, scientists, and hospital principals at the China Health Industry Forum in Dong Guan near Hong Kong, November 1 – 4, 2007.

“Exercise, like running or walking with feet which have fallen arches or those which have lost the elastic spring mechanism, produce abnormal motions throughout the entire body which cause stress and strain in the muscles ligaments and tendons, leading to wear and tear and the release of inflammation,” says Dr. James Stoxen, “and when this chronic inflammation is released from so many joints is released into the body, exercise doesn’t make us healthier, it makes us age faster” The Chicago doctor has lectured on this topic to over 20,000 medical doctors and scientists worldwide. He’s published over 20 articles on biomechanics and treated hundreds of champion athletes and top celebrities.

Belma Michael Johnson talks about how he did not realize that the chronic pain in his shoulder for 30 years was constantly releasing inflammatory chemicals. The problem is, inflammation releases peptides called cytokines that damage cells. The American Heart Association, the Center of Disease and Control, and most experts now warn that over time chronic inflammation contributes to a higher risk for heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer’s, some cancers, and even the aging process itself.

The expert says studies show that this inflammation of joints releases cytokines. “We walk 10,000 steps a day, and when we run a mile that is around 1500 steps,” he says, “and with each step with a frozen arch we help spread that toxic soup throughout our bodies. All the while patients are completely unaware this is going on.”

And just what causes “incorrect” exercise? Dr. Stoxen has found it’s usually the exerciser’s feet. Tests show the athlete’s arch has lost its natural elastic spring. The result is exercise produces unbalanced forces that travel up the body. At first, the leg muscles compensate, but eventually they become exhausted and those forces damage the knee, hip, back, all the way up to the head. The inflammation is body-wide.

The dilemma is that people sometimes don’t even know they have fallen arches or a frozen arch spring mechanism causing this multi-joint inflammation, and that makes matters worse. It happens slowly over tens of millions of impacts over the years.  Inflammation is most commonly associated with pain, but most of these multiple joint inflammatory conditions don’t cause pain. The inflammation is there, but it’s silent inflammation.

When someone walks or runs with vexed arch spring mechanism sometimes they feel pain and other times they feel just stiffness. You don’t feel pain, but if you press into certain muscles I have mapped along a predictable pattern related to a frozen arch the pain is excruciating to the patients. We feel that inflammation when our muscles get stiff and sore.

First, 60% of Americans are overweight or obese, which is an epidemic which is a serious concern for the increased risk for heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. What about the overload to the arch spring mechanism? Second, Dr. Stoxen says that because we live in a flat hard world we no longer walk on natural undulating terrain, which is a natural stimulous for stimulating the development of the arch cuff muscles which maintain its springiness and strength. Third, because people walk with thick cushioning athletic footwear, which is really meant for running, this weakens the foot and its arch.

Finally, the expert says modern women’s shoes are usually too tight. “Years ago there were C and D widths,” says Dr. Stoxen. “Now everything is a B, leaving 60% of women with shoes too tight for their feet.”

All of which causes exercise to produce inflammation and aging: exactly the opposite effect people intend. Dr. Stoxen says the exerciser often feels fatigued, plantar fasciitis, suffers from nighttime leg cramps, kneecap pain, hip and lower back pain. Oftentimes, when patients come in with simple mechanical lower back pain when their gait is analyzed they really have fallen arches which vex the foundation and a pattern of painful spasms which are only found if you know where to look.

Dr. Stoxen has found the diagnosis of chronic inflammation is easy. “When I press on certain structural points on the arches, calves, thighs, and hips, patients feel intense pain. Most have no idea their muscles are so inflamed.”

My focus is to restore the entire foot’s  natural spring mechanism. This is vital to healthy walking to slow aging rather than cause multi-joint degenerative arthritis and an acceleration of the disease process and aging. It’s exciting to develop something so new and exciting for such a frustrating problem to treat. The approach also includes specially designed exercises to strengthen the arch making the relief more long-lasting.

“The goal,” he says, “is to allow people to exercise without inflammation. When done correctly, exercise is a wonderful gift that slows aging. The problem is in the real world, it’s sometimes having exactly the opposite effect.”

Dr. Stoxen will be presenting some of the most useful exercise prescriptions and program designs ever seen by anyone within the fitness industry. His lecture is filled with so much valuable information that your attendance at his presentation alone will be well worth your investment.





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