Video Tutorial # 162 How does the Human Spring Work to Absorb Impacts Without Cushion Footwear? My Research


These photos come from slow motion videos I did of a barefoot runner.

The arch is like a spring; it has 26 bones in the foot, 33 joints and even a spring ligament.

Arch “Leaf Spring” Bend Creates Energy

When your body weight comes down it sits primarily on the first and second toe; the remaining three toes, number three through five work as guides.

When the weight hit’s the arch, the arch bends as it descends a couple millimeters to a couple centimeters in the middle, absorbs in the spring, energy is loaded into the arch and entire human spring and ascends as it springs off as it unloading this energy to propel you forward.


As the arch leaf spring sinks the cuff muscles that suspend the leaf spring of the arch, stretch down to absorb the weight into the spring. This stretching is like the stretching of a bungee cord or rubber bands. How far it sinks down or descends or how much they stretch and how strong the stretch energy is will depend on how much energy they give back to the spring off.

Therefore the human foot can have pound weight categories like like a bow and arrow. The bow has different bow weights much the same as a spring that is designed stronger for a truck than it is for a motorcycle.

How far the arch springs down depends on how much weight is being and how fast the weight is being loaded on the arch. For example, the load that is placed on the arch is different from walking, running, sprinting or jumping down from various heights and weights.

When the foot lands the toes spread for a wider plant of the foot so it can have better balance and load distribution to be spread over a wider surface.

Also how far the arch descends depends on the environmental issues. If the foot is cold, it will stiffen and won’t descend as far as if the foot is warmed up.

This video clip was taken from the presentation:
Run For Life, Barefoot by Dr James Stoxen DC
At The 2nd Annual Bangkok Congress On Anti-Aging And Regenerative Medicine
Bangkok, Thailand, September 4th, 2010

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