Press Release: ABC, ‘How I Got My Wiggle Back:’ A Memoir of Healing by Anthony Field

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April 9, 2012 (RELEASE) — With their distinctive look, catchy music, and upbeat message, The Wiggles have performed their way into the hearts and homes of millions of children and their parents around the world. Their extraordinary success over the last twenty years includes TV shows, the sale of tens of millions of CDs and DVDs, and sell-out live performances for a million people annually as well as honors including being named UNICEF goodwill ambassadors.

In HOW I GOT MY WIGGLE BACK: A Memoir of Healing (Wiley; February 2012; $25.95; Cloth; ISBN: 978-1-118-01933-7), Anthony Field, the “blue Wiggle,” tells his inspiring, behind-the-scenes story of how he overcame depression, life-threatening illness, and chronic pain to get his life back. During his interview, Anthony will share with your viewers:

Two of his favorite exercises that can easily be done anywhere and anytime!

– How his depression and chronic pain affected his work with The Wiggles.

– The key steps he took to overcome depression, life-threatening illness and chronic pain to get his life back!

– How he feels now and what he does every day to manage his health/chronic pain and his positive attitude.

– What’s up next for The Wiggles! Guess what? They’ll be back stateside this summer!!!

HOW I GOT MY WIGGLE BACK includes a prescriptive self-care health program of exercise advice and nutritional information with practical action steps that readers can follow to relieve pain and prevent and heal disease. Mostly, this is the inspiring story of how a global superstar overcame his secret anguish and got his life back. HOW I GOT MY WIGGLE BACK includes amazing photos from Anthony’s private life as well as photos illustrating Anthony’s fitness regimen.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Anthony Field is one of the founders and stars of The Wiggles, one of the top children’s entertainment groups of the last 20 years. Based in Sydney, Australia, he tours globally for most of the year. Greg Truman is an award-winning New York-based journalist and a cousin of Anthony Field.

please note:

Anthony Field and Dr James Stoxen DC training backstage

I am very proud to say, I was able to assist him. It has been an honor to have my efforts to help Anthony Field be the focus of his new book, How I Got My Wiggle Back. The book covers our consultation in detail and provides a comprehensive, plain-English explanation of my drug free approach and the results, that changed his life.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you or anyone you care about needs help, anytime, anywhere as I am here to serve your needs!




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