Video Tutorial # 195 “Getting Fit At The Playground” Series: The Hanging Abdominal Raise With Pike Demonstrated By Dr. John Petrozzi DC, Spotted By Dr. James Stoxen DC


Dr. James Stoxen DC of Chicago IL and
Dr. John Petrozzi Dc of Leichhardt NSW Australia
April 29, 2012
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dr. John Petrozzi DC

Challenge your abdominal muscles with a hanging abdominal raise with pike exercise 

In this video tutorial I introduce to you Dr. John Petrozzi DC who is also the principal of Petrozzi Wellness Centre which is located in Leichardt, Australia.  Dr. Petrozzi also assists the children’s entertainment group ‘The Wiggles’ and other people with high public profiles. To learn more about Dr. John Petrozzi DC and Petrozzi Wellness Centre,  click here.

Today we are going to demonstrate a hanging abdominal raise with pike routine. This is one of Anthony Fields, frontman for the ‘Wiggles‘, famous routines that he did to get himself into super fit shape.

You can read about it in his book, ‘How I Got My Wiggle Back’ which you can pick up in Australia, US, UK and Canada. You can also order it from the Amazon site by clicking here.

Dr. James Stoxen DC Trains Anthony Field Backstage

This is not an easy exercise for most people. It is more advanced. We will challenge Dr. Petrozzi (although he is a young guy in shape).

This exercise is one you can do just about anywhere there is a bar, rings or something to grab hold of above.

A park setting such as this one in the video is an excellent place.

You can even take your kids and do this exercise taking turns with them.

  1. Make sure you hold on with a good solid grip above to the rings.
  2. Relax your arms.
  3. Lift up with your legs to a pike position
  4. point your toes
  5. try to hold for 20 seconds

To challenge yourself even further you can add a lift from the mid section while lifting your legs into the pike position.

If necessary you might need someone to spot you underneath your legs.

Dr. James Stoxen DC and Dr. John Petrozzi DC


Be sure to breath in and out.

As you can see above in the video the hanging ab exercise can be challenging the further you get the legs out from the fulcrum, the more the force is at the abdominal area.

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I urge you to get out and take your kids to the park and have some fun while at the same time challenging yourself with the hanging abdominal raise with pike exercise!




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  • Cheryl

    Thank you Dr. Stoxen. I have been looking for new exercises to challenge me outside the gym spontaneously, and that doesn’t require me lugging the equipment around. This can be completed in any city! I love it. Thank you for the new ideas and to ensure my fitness success!

    Cheryl Davis

    • Cheryl, So nice to hear you are sticking to your diet and training! You should be so happy with your progress!!! How much weight did you lose and do you have a before and after you would like to share with the members of the site? I know it would inspire many! Here is a before and after of Anthony Field Notice the forehead how there is less subcutaneous inflammation

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