What Songs Do You Listen To When Running?



What are the top three songs you listen to when running?

When you run barefoot, part of the analysis of form and technique is to hear the sound your foot makes on impact. By listening very carefully and making adjustments to the tension of your landing gear you can soften up your landing from a bang and a twist to a spring….

When it comes to running efficiency and reduction of injurious conditions…


As a reporter I met from the ‘Malaysia Star’, Jaya J says, “Footwear is comparable to mothers who smother. You know, you have all good intention of protecting and giving your feet the best care, but what you’re actually doing is smother those feet by binding them in that cushion so much that they lose their natural sustainability, which is the Human Spring.” To here more of what Jaya J says on her blog, click here 

So protecting them from the impacts you can no longer tell if you are impacting with spring or bang because the cushion fools you into thinking your spring is working when its really a cushioned, bang and twist.

Then you further isolate youself from hearing how hard your foot impacts with music you make it more difficult to fine tune your landing as a spring and not a bang.

The next music you will here will be coming from the reception area of Team Doctors, Treatment and Training Center or worse the hospital.

Im sure some sweet lady is going to flip out on me with a comment. 🙂

I like to listen to music to relax or I use the beat of the music 180/min to pace my run cadence!


Im cool with that. Dont break a nail!

I listen to the pitter patter of springy bare feet.

Its a new song I hope to be a big hit!

Seriously, feel free to post comments below on what music you like.

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