Wiggles Pickles n’ Foot Tickles By Jaya J: Running Feet Naked


Wiggles Pickles n’ Foot Tickles by Jaya J: Running Feet Naked
May 31, 2012

BAREFOOT RUNNERS – TAKE NOTE  Jaya J, a journalist who interviewed me in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia just wrote her second blog post on her efforts to try the Human Spring Approach and barefoot running.

click here  to view the post ‘Running Feet Naked”,  on Jaya J’s blog site

When I met Jaya, less than a month ago she told me that  her doctors told her she had to quit running with or without shoes!

Now she ran barefoot for the second time with no pain!!!

For all of my barefoot running friends, please go to her post and make a “thumbs up” comment!

click here to view Jaya j’s first post, ‘Spring Of Youth’, on Jaya J’s blog site

This was the first blog post from the writer who is preparing the feature story for the Malasia Star, the largest English paper in Malaysia.

I think she’s got it and can put a comical entertaining spin on it as well well for all the Wiggle fans in Malaysia.

This should add some color to the blue, red, yellow and red Wiggles and the Human Spring.
I love it!

Then on June 9, 2012, Jaya J wrote the article, Foundation of Health Planted in Feet, Expert Says, in the Malaysia Star, newspaper.

Read it here…

After reading this article and the fact that she can now run barefoot pain free, I am thoroughly convinced that she got it!

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