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Dr. James Stoxen DC of Chicago IL, USA and Dr. Amir Majidi DC of  Toronto, Ontario, CanadaApril 29, 2012 at a parkKuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I remember standing on my feet all day 14 – 16 hours a day for 135 days in a row on one of those runs when I was getting calls from so many big name entertainers that I could not say, NO!

But I ended up with sore toes,  pain on the bottom of the foot pain on the side of the foot.  Lets just say my feet were in pain!   I also remember I had pain in the big toe like a turf toe.

I did this deep tissue treatment for my foot so I could get pain relief from aching foot pain.

Are you asking yourself, Do I have to go to a pain center and get pain killers?”  Do I do foot exercises?

Maybe.  Maybe not if you can work out the spasms around the toe.  I don’t know what your condition is but this is what I do for my big toe.

Here is some deep tissue self – help pressure points for the big toe.  Just remember if it does not help you may have to go to a foot specialist.

Today i’m going to demonstrate for you how to release the muscle spasms, from your Big toe. (the inside)

This did help with my foot swelling and severe foot pain.

I cannot promise it will help you.

When you stand walk or run barefoot, most of the weight is spread over the big toe and the second toe.

The force or mass of the impacts rolls over these two areas the most.

The human spring as I call it, is built into the body to absorb the force of the landings.

When the body is not moving correctly or if the body is moving in ways that it was not engineered to move in, then the Human Spring becomes locked.

This can happen in a variety of ways:

  • wearing shoes that do not fit our feet
  • wearing high heel shoes
  • abnormal walking patterns
  • weak feet

Today I am going to show you how to release the muscle spasms from your first toe. (the inside)

deep tissue point to release the big toe underneath

The Deep Tissue point is shown above and in the video as well.

Helpful Excerpt from Anthony Fields book, ‘How I Got My Wiggle Back“,

For this exercise use your thumb to apply slight pressure down to the bone, if possible, in the designated areas; you’ll know when you’ve hit the exact spot-if you have inflamed ligaments or muscles in that area there will be some pain. Don’t worry, you are not causing damage. It hurts because the muscles are stiff and inflamed. Now, gently apply pressure with your thumb or finger and hold it. Don’t panic if it is painful, after about two to three minutes, the discomfort starts to subside. The pain will come and go in waves and a few times and eventually all you feel is pressure. If you don’t hold the point until all the pain goes away, you will feel sore in this area the next day.

Measure the area you are treating using your thumb print—-it’s called a Chinese inch. Move one Chinese inch at a time until you have covered the entire area.

You may feel a rush of blood and energy through the treated area.

Once you have hit all the secret spots, your arch spring may be loose enough to be “unlocked”Anthony Field shares how Dr. James Stoxen DC and Dr. Richard Gringeri Helped him back to health

You can find this self – help release exercise and many more in Anthony Fields book, ‘How I Got My Wiggle Back’, click here to order now!

To learn more about releasing the toe underneath watch:

Video Tutorial #82 Dr. James Stoxen Demonstrates Self-Help Deep Tissue Treatment Under the Big Toe And Second Toe, click here to view



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  1. What a cool video. I actually tried foot reflexology and I can tell you I have such a very nice and relaxing experience, I keep on coming back to the spa.

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