PRESS RELEASE: Dr. James Stoxen DC will lecture at the 6th Annual A5M Conference In Anti-Ageing & Aesthetic Medicine August 18th – 19th 2012 In Melbourne, Australia

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PRESS RELEASE:  Dr. James Stoxen DC will lecture at the 6th Annual A5M Conference In Anti-Ageing & Aesthetic Medicine August 18th – 19th 2012 In Melbourne, Australia.

A5M Anti-Aging Conference Melbourne Australia

Dr. James Stoxen DC has been asked give two presentations; ‘The Inflammation-Depression Connection‘ and ‘Run for Life! Barefoot or Shod?‘ to the medical physician delegates at the 6th Annual A5M Conference in Anti-Ageing & Aesthetic Medicine August 18th – 19th 2012 in Melbourne, Australia.

The Wiggles made headlines all over the world last week with the announcement that 2012 would be the final year of their original lineup. After 21 years of entertaining and educating children around the globe, Red Wiggle Murray Cook, Yellow Wiggle Greg Page and Purple Wiggle Jeff Fatt decided to hang up their trademark colored jerseys. Only the Blue Wiggle and group founder, Anthony Field has chosen to remain.

Given his current physical and mental uber condition, that decision should not surprise anyone. But it wasn’t always that way. As little as eight years ago it was Anthony who was ready to call it quits.

Anthony Field Before and After

In his new book, “How I Got My Wiggle Back,” Field details the surprising truth of the life hidden behind the public façade of the most popular children’s entertainer on the planet.

Having suffered from debilitating joint pain and chronic fatigue for years, Field often relied on pain-killers and band-aid treatments just to get through his busy, performance-filled days. He was ready to turn his back on the musical group and global business.  As he contemplated exiting The Wiggles, Field was introduced to Dr. James Stoxen DC, a Chicago chiropractor.

Known as the chiropractor to the stars Dr. Stoxen will discuss the mountain of scientific evidence that identifies inflammation as one of the key culprits in the spread of chronic pain and diseases of aging.  The centerpiece of Dr. Stoxen’s first presentation, Inflammation-Depression Connection, he will canvas the scientific literature and his clinical experience with the natural preventative and treatment methods he has developed which can have profound implications for depression sufferers and tens of millions facing premature aging and the rapid onset of diseases of aging.

In his second presentation, Run for Life! Barefoot or Shod? Dr. Stoxen will discuss the current research on barefoot running.  More importantly he will present an argument through scientific research as well as citing the laws of physics & engineering and served with a healthy portion of common sense that the current model used by the medical community, the lever model may not provide an accurate model for understanding how the body protects itself from over 250,000,000 collisions with the earth in our lifetime.  He will also present evidence for why the breakdown of this spring mechanism wont allow your body to recycle energy through this natural spring forcing your body to use more energy as it switches to a lever system.

He will give strong scientific evidence his human spring model which offers a new perspective on how to examine, treat, train and maintain the human body. Dr. Stoxen has, to much acclaim, outlined his Human Spring Model and Approach to just under 50,000 medical physicians and scientists from 60 countries at post graduate medical conferences in recent years, including the Royal College of Physicians in London, the SENS Conference in Cambridge, England and the International Bangkok Congress on Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine (BCAARM).

Known as the Barefoot Running Doctor, he will also give his argument why he runs barefoot and why he recommends doctors prepare their patients for barefoot running.  Anthony Field has embraced the barefoot lifestyle.

He will provide demonstrations of the treatment Field nicknamed, pain exorcisms and how to run barefoot.

Dr Stoxen will be available for interview:
CONTACT HIM AT: 312 375 7303 or by email teamdoctors
He will be in Melbourne Australia from August 17th – 20th,  staying at the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins

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Dr. James Stoxen, D.C., owns and operates Team Doctors Treatment and Training Center. and Team Doctors Sports Medicine and Anti-aging Products. He has been the meet and team chiropractor at many national and world championships. He has been inducted into the prestigious National Hall of Fame, the Personal Trainers Hall of Fame and appointed to serve on the prestigious, Global Advisory Board of The International Sports Hall of Fame. He is also a member of the Advisory Board for the American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners. Dr. Stoxen is a sought after speaker, internationally having organized and /or given over 1000 live presentations around the world.(full bio)


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