Is Running Bad For Your Knees? Article In Barefoot Running Magazine


Is Running Bad For Your Knees?
By Dr. James Stoxen DC
Barefoot Running Magazine
Summer 2012, Issue 5 pages 24-27

In this issue of the Barefoot Running Magazine you will find plenty of new info, tips, treats and stories. Leigh Rogers takes us through the pros and cons of organic food in the ‘Nutritional Nugget’, Chris Hunt – Pilates expert – explains the benefits and complementary nature of Pilates for runners with some exercises for you to try at home and Dr James Stoxen writes about the ‘human spring mechanism’ and the importance of allowing the foot to move freely.

Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee of RunBare, answer some questions as well as take us through a typical day in their creative, exploratory and nature-focused lives. They are soon to release the RunBare movie which is sure to take barefoot running to yet another level.

Contributing team includes: 

Anna Toombs
Movement therapist, running coach & author

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David Robinson
Movement therapist, sports performance specialist & author

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Leigh Rogers
Holistic Sports Nutritionist, Health & Wellness coach

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Michael Bartley
Sports massage therapist & running coach

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Chris Hunt
Pilates Practitioner & CEO of Pilates Rehab Limited

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Steven Sashen
Creator of the Xero Shoe, & sprinter

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