VIP Invitation: Stand In My Shoes Film Kickstarter Launch September 20, 2012 Hollywood, California


Where: Hemingway’s  Lounge 1st  Floor 6356 Hollywood Boulevard Hollywood, CA 90028
When: Thursday September 20th, 7PM

I’m happy to share with you a project I’m proud to be involved with: a new social change film project called Stand In My Shoes Directed by Kurt Engfehr (Bowling for Colombine, The Yes Men, Farenheit 9/11) about the “empathy deficit” in our culture, and how the world’s most influential social entrepeneurs are out there using the power of empathy to transform businesses and lives.

“Having worked with thousands of patients who spend long hours on their feet, I can say with confidence I have seen incredible improvements in the overall wellbeing by recommending different footwear to improve alignment.  By recommending Apple/Fox Conn or other workers in Chinese manufacturing factories specially designed shoes, I believe this a positive practical solution could help reduce overall fatigue and chronic inflammation and pain that could alleviate some of their suffering to a degree. It would also show that companies like Apple are prepared to practice empathy for everyone in their supply chain who are contributing to their global success.” Dr. James Stoxen DC

On September 20 there will be an event to support the US Kickstarter launch of this project. Hosted by gifted comedian Kyle Cease – who has been touted as the next Jim Carrey – the night promises to be fun event with great speakers, food, wine and good company.

I hope you and your guest can attend this VIP fundraising event to support this positive social change film as I am. I’m sure we all agree empathy is a much needed message in these current times!

Check out The kickstarter site, click here 

Watch the Trailer below:

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