Video Tutorial #89 Dr James Stoxen DC Demonstrates A Stretch To Increase The Flexibility Of The Arch Of Your Foot

  In The Human Spring Mechanism there are two parts that colide. The ground and your body. If you don't have anything in between them then they will collide. We were designed with a spring mechanism that is built into each floor of your body. What I am going to show you is a new stretch that will help strengthen the Human Spring and increase the flexibility of the arch of your foot. First you grab each one of your toes with your finger Pull towards you to stretch your … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #88 Dr James Stoxen DC Demonstrates Stretching Of The Foot While Sitting At Your Chair

Part of releasing your Human Spring involves stretching. Stretching is very important. If we stretch our body we will be able to absorb more energy into the spring. Sitting for a long period of time could result in muscle atrophy (When a muscle atrophies, this leads to muscle weakness, since the ability to exert force is related to mass) One thing you can do while sitting in a chair is to stretch your foot. What you do is take your shoe off and put your foot back behind you on … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #85 Dr James Stoxen DC Demonstrates Stretching Great For Mortons Neuromas And Narrow Heels

note: please allow video to load, then click start for smoother viewing The Human Spring Mechanism is important for walking, jogging, running and movement of any kind. The Human Spring protects you from the impacts of the landings. By preserving the Human Spring we protect ourselves from those impacts. The Human Spring also recycles energy. To explain this further think of a spring. It changes it's physical shape during the spring down or deformation process, stores energy and then … [Read more...]


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