My Experience with Andrei Arlovski former UFC Heavyweight Champion – The Pinnacle of Athletic Performance

  Who’s the most popular celebrity I’ve worked with? I get that question a lot. We could debate that for hours, but if you want to talk about the most extraordinary athletes who are celebrities I’ve encountered? Andrei Arlovski would be up there with the best of them. Both in training and competition, the former world Ultimate Fighting Heavyweight Champion makes demands on his body that few of us could imagine, let alone endure. For six days a week and between six and … [Read more...]

The Race To Repair Injuries UFC Andrei Arlovski Endured On The Rough Road To Win The UFC Heavyweight Champion Title

Who's Got Arlovski's Back? Repost from - The MMA Digest click here to read Original Article: Ever wonder who some of the people on the long list of fighters thank-yous after their fights are? Some of the trainers you will know but there are many other people that help out in getting fighters in tip top shape for their fights that you never really get a glimpse of. After Andrei Arlovski finished off Justin Eilers at UFC 53 you heard him thank all his trainers and supporters, but also Dr. … [Read more...]

Dr James Stoxen DC Hosts Chicago Weigh-Ins and Much More at Team Doctors!

Dr. Stoxen Hosts Chicago Weigh-Ins and Much More at Team Doctors! By Juan C. Ayllon Original Article: CHICAGO—He’d just hosted the weigh-ins for Friday night’s fights at his sparkling and newly expanded, 4,000 square-foot Team Doctors Treatment and Training Center of Champions. “Macho” Miguel Hernandez and his heavily muscled opponent,“Superman” Derrick Findley, led a lineup of fighters, with boxing commission officers, doctors, … [Read more...]

Through the Fire and Back: Andrei Arlovski Coming of Age

  Through the Fire and Back: Andrei Arlovski Coming of Age By Juan C. Ayllon Original Article: CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – Almost two weeks ago at the United Center, 6’-1” and 224 lb. WBO Heavyweight Champion Lamon Brewster shocked odds makers and 21,000 screaming fans alike as he tore into and dispatched the hulking, 6’-4” and 248 lb. favorite Andrew Golota in 53 seconds flat. Looking on, Ultimate Fighting Heavyweight Interim Champion … [Read more...]

Andrei Arlovski Holds Court At “Team Doctors Training Center”! January 28th, 2005

Andrei Alovski Holds Court at “Team Doctors Training Center”! By Juan C. Ayllon Original Article: CHICAGO, IL -- Andrei Arlovski is an imposing athlete. At 6’-4” and 240 pounds, with door-wide shoulders, body builders arms, and a chiseled torso tapering to a full “eight pack,” he could pass for a premiere NFL offensive end. Sporting a full beard augmented by a day’s growth, high cheekbones, a gray winter cap and a black sports … [Read more...]


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