Video Tutorial #167 Side Shuffle

  excerpt from the book, 'How I Got My Wiggle Back', page 170, Stand with your feet slightly wider than a shoulder-width apart and bend your arms at the side. Slide the left foot forward to the right, then step to the right with the right foot. Keep your shoulders over your knees. Change speed and direction for fresh challenges. Repeat 3 times, then reverse, leading with left foot. Spring Action: This drill develops spring in all levels Special Tip: You can add speed and … [Read more...]

The Race To Repair Injuries UFC Andrei Arlovski Endured On The Rough Road To Win The UFC Heavyweight Champion Title

Who's Got Arlovski's Back? Repost from - The MMA Digest click here to read Original Article: Ever wonder who some of the people on the long list of fighters thank-yous after their fights are? Some of the trainers you will know but there are many other people that help out in getting fighters in tip top shape for their fights that you never really get a glimpse of. After Andrei Arlovski finished off Justin Eilers at UFC 53 you heard him thank all his trainers and supporters, but also Dr. … [Read more...]


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