Video Tutorial #68 The Exercise Your Doing Could Be Aging You Faster!

  Is it true that exercise could accelerate the aging process? Of course! Exercise is ONLY healthy if your body is moving the way it was engineered to move. Would you take your car for a 10 hour trip if your front end was out of alignment?’ NO! Would you lift weights knowing that your form and technique could lead to stress and strain of your joints causing arthritis over time? No! So by telling your patients that you should exercise as a form of anti-aging … [Read more...]

The Human Spring, A Logical Way to Look At the Way The Body Works?

The Human Spring A unique approach to examining, treating, training and maintaining healthy mechanics By Dr. James Stoxen DC Chiropractic Economics Magazine Issue #6 Apring 17, 2012 The Human Spring An approach to examining, treating, training and maintaining healthy mechanics There is a large gap beween what coaches recommend for elite-level athletes and what most doctors recommend. for example: Many doctors will say that impacts are bad for you and that … [Read more...]

Why Do I Run Barefoot…

  Dr Stoxen, How Did You Discover the Human Spring Model and Why Do You Run Barefoot? When I first opened my practice, I wanted to be able to heal people and, at the same time, train sports champions. I went on a personal and professional mission not to only build a complete knowledge of the human body - the way we move and why - but to uncover the secrets of elite performance. My first decade in practice, I volunteered to treat athletes at every possible sports event, … [Read more...]


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