Presentation Abstract: New Aggressive Approaches To Disconnecting The Inflammation-Depression Connection. World Congress On Anti-Aging Medicine And Regenerative Biomedical Technologies Expo (A4MC) Shanghai, China October 18-20, 2012

Depression ICD-9 296.3 Title: New Aggressive Approaches To Disconnecting The Inflammation-Depression Connection. To be presented at: The World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine and Regenerative Biomedical Technologies Expo Date: Oct 18-20th, 2012 Address: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center 1099 Guo Zhan Road, Shanghai, China, 200126  By Dr James Stoxen DC Depression is a mood disorder that affects serotonin levels in the brain. Because of its physiological cause, … [Read more...]

PRESENTATION ABSTRACT: The Inflammation-Depression Connection, To Be Presented At The 6th Annual A5M Conference, Melbourne, Australia, August 18-19, 2012

Depression ICD-9 296.3 Presentation Abstract Title: The Inflammation-Depression Connection   To be presented at The 6th Annual A5M Conference In Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine Melbourne, Australia, A5M Website click here August 18-19, 2012 By Dr. James Stoxen DC President, Team Doctors, Treatment and Training Center Abstract Depression represents a major public health problem. In Australia, Major depression accounts for more days lost to illness than almost any other … [Read more...]


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