Look Great At Any Age, Australian Men’s Health, November, 2010

Anthony Field, Men's Health Australian Edition 2010


By John Brandt and Daniel Williams
Australian Men’s Fitness
November 2010

The way you age is determined by more than just your DNA

The latest research reveals that exercise can help delay and even reverse aging, debilitating effects on your muscles, heart and brain. The only side affect?

You’ll also look your best. 

Anthony Field, 47, Founding member of The Wiggles, Crazy successful children’s band may sing about yummy, yummy fruit salad, but for many years Anthony Field was living on fatty, fatty fast food. He was also a wreck.

“ I had terrible posture, I was depressed and I couldn’t pick up my new baby without my back hurting,” he says.

Popping pain-killers and backstage lie downs between numbers were all that were getting him through the concerts.

The cavalry arrived seven years ago in the shape of Chicago chiropractor Dr James Stoxen DC, who introduced field to a six-exercise-chin-up-bar-routine that personally the blue wiggle performs every day.

Behind that is the idea that the human spine hasn’t evolved much from that of the tree dwelling ancestors, and therefore we should be doing a lot more hanging and swinging than required in most office jobs.

“ It’s so much faster to transform yourself when you’re not supported,” says the hundred and 82.5cm Field, who shed 16kg from his once Dorothy the Dinosaur-like body to carve a new 82 kg physique. “ I see a concert as a good fitness workout now, whereas I used to think “ Oh no, I have to do another show and I don’t think my body can take it!”

Anthony Field Training with Dr. James Stoxen DC

Anthony Field and Dr James Stoxen DC

Busy-Man Fitness Secrets

Stay sharp on the road:

The wiggles tour for eight months of the year, so to keep in shape field needs to improvise.

Wherever he goes, he takes a portable chin-up bar, which he attaches to a doorway in his hotel room.

“If we have a full schedule and I need to get up at 5 AM to do the workout then that’s what I’ll do.”

And few trips in the Big Red Car for Field, if he can help it. He’d rather pull out his Crumpton fold-up bicycle which he rides to and from many of The Wiggles 300+ concerts a year.

Click here to watch Anthony Field on video with Dr James Stoxen DC executing his chin up bar routine

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