Video Tutorial #7 The Four Primary Functions Of The Human Spring Mechanism

What is it the Human Spring Mechanism and the theory behind it?

The Human Spring Theory

1. What the theory says is that the human spring stores mechanical energy therefore it is an efficiency mechanism.

A spring is a structure that deforms its physical shape. During that formation process that spring stores potential energy. Then it reforms back to its EXACT original shape and releases the energy back into the mechanism. Think about a spring when you squeeze it down it stores energy and when you let it go that releases the stored energy.

2. The human spring also provides the protective mechanism for the body. It is the principle mechanism that absorbs forces of the landings during foot to ground impact activities such as walking, running and activities like dance and other sports.

The human body impacts the ground 3.6 million times a year. The human spring absorbs the force of these impacts of the landings and protects you from these collisions.

This year I ran 300 more miles barefoot on solid concrete. That’s because I have an intact spring mechanism.

Watch Dr Stoxen Run Barefoot Below:

3. The human spring also allows us to land our bodies on uneven surfaces by adjusting the body weight over the spring mechanism so it can achieve optimum balance.

That’s why we have 26 bones and 33 joints in the foot and ankle That force coupled with the uneven terrain is distributed across this terrain through these 33 joints.  It spreads the force across each joint while still maintaining the mass balanced with the center of gravity over the spring mechanism.

4. The human spring is integrated into the biomechanics therefore it’s essential for stress and strain free motion.

If the spring mechanism is designed into the mechanical mechanism of the human body through human motion but if it’s not working the way it should then it will cause abnormal movement patterns that will lead to stress and strain, wear and tear, the release of information, silence and then painful.

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