Video Tutorial #8 Important Functions Of The Human Spring Mechanism To Recycle Energy From Impacts Enhancing The Efficiency Of Movement


The Human Spring Theory says that:

  1. The human spring stores mechanical potential energy therefore it is an efficiency mechanism
  2. The human spring absorbs forces of landings therefore it is a protective mechanism
  3. the human spring allows the foot to land on uneven surfaces adjusting the body mechanics to the terrain.
  4. The human spring is integrated into the biomechanics therefore it is essential for stress/strain free motion

Weakness or locking of the spring can lead to:

  • fatigue
  • increased risk for acute injury
  • an inability to heal
  • an accelerated aging of the body’s systems.

The human spring stores mechanical potential energy therefore it is an energy recycling mechanism.

Many of your patients who have chronic fatigue don’t have the energy to do as much. They don’t feel like exercising and they wake up tired and remain tired all day. They might think the answer is to drink a lot of coffee and they go to bed tired yet can’t get a lot of sleep at night because of insomnia or restless leg syndrome.

Those patients may have a locked human spring mechanism as part of their problem. The energy mechanisms of the human Spring recycle free natural energy. They’ve had this natural energy their whole life but it’s now depleted once the spring mechanism locks and it will not return until the spring is unlocked.  Abnormal movement patterns can trigger the brain to turn on muscle spasms that stiffen joints and reduce the natural elastic recoil or spring of muscles and tendons.  We say we are stiff.  The body is more efficient when it is moving according to the way it was designed to move, unrestricted by muscle spasms or joint stiffness.

Locked Spring, click here to enlarge

Why wouldn’t you evaluate the most common reason for fatigue or how the body ambulates? What other more common reason is there for why the body gets tired so quickly?

When the spring locks, the body has to ambulate with a different system. That is when it switches from the spring energy a more free source to a muscular contraction source of ambulation. That means that the body has to be moved by muscle contractions rather than bouncing off the ground. It impacts with a bang then pushes itself across the ground. This is why it is so important that the spring mechanism is in tact for efficient movement.

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