Media Alert!!! CNN Shanon Cook Interviews Anthony Field and Dr. James Stoxen DC

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Media Alert!! CNN Shanon Cook Interviews Anthony Field and Dr. James Stoxen DC

The Wiggles 1991 self-titled album launched a performing career that has lasted more than two decades. The Wiggles have performed more than 350 shows to more than 1.5 million fans since 2005 in the United States alone. But after 21 years and 39 videos/DVDs  three of the four original Wiggles, Greg Page, Murray Cook and Jeff Fatt, are hanging up their skivvies after they wrap up the Celebration Tour.

Only Blue Wiggle, Anthony Field will continue to perform with Emma Watkins, Lachlan Gillespie, and Simon Pryce, who have been handpicked by the group to become the Yellow, Purple, and Red Wiggle.

Anthony Field, also known as the “Blue Wiggle” of the most popular and successful children’s performing act out of Australia, “The Wiggles,” was smiling in front of the cameras and the crowds, but grimacing in pain backstage.

Resiliency is something Field has come to know well. In spite of the huge success of the group it hasn’t always been ‘lollipops and rainbows’.

Anthony Field shares on CNN

Anthony shares about how he had clinical depression and a variety of ailments such as a herniated disc, joint pain, migraines, digestive problems,  life-threatening illness and chronic pain.

After decades of failed treatments, he managed to turn his health around.

Anthony Field shares, “It all started with Dr. James Stoxen a chiropractor”

Dr. James Stoxen DC, popular with touring celebrities, his main advice for getting Field back on track didn’t exactly sound like ‘star treatment‘.

Dr. James Stoxen DC, CNN Interview

Dr. Stoxen shares, “When we decided to go barefoot, Anthony looked at me strange. When we wear footwear it becomes a binding device and it inhibits the natural motion of the human foot”.

By ditching his shoes as much as possible and committing to Dr. Stoxen’s lengthy treatment sessions, Dr. Stoxen calls, ‘the pain exorcism’ and revamping his diet, Field says that he is free of the pain that almost caused him to quit the Wiggles in 2004.

“I am in the best physical shape I have ever been in and i’m almost 50 now”  Anthony Field

The wiggles are on their Celebration Tour now throughout the summer.  This is the last tour with the four original Wiggles so don’t miss it!

Anthony Field shares about his inspiring, behind-the-scenes store of how he overcame chronic pain, depression and more with the help of Dr. James Stoxen DC and Dr. Richard Gringeri Dc in a healing memoir book written by Anthony Field and Greg Truman entitled, How I Got My Wiggle Back.

To order How I Got My Wiggle Back on, click here

Be sure to tune in live on CNN this Saturday August 4th!


CNN Anthony Field interview makes front page

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