Video Tutorial #14 My 8 Secrets To Improving Walking and Running Efficiency through Maximizing Human Spring

My 8 Secrets To Improving Walking and Running Efficiency through Maximizing Human Spring Tips For Better Health Ask the doctor, Dr James Stoxen DC There are many causes of fatigue symptoms and reduced walking and running efficiency... During walking and running we burn most of our energy from muscle fatigue. So, if inefficiency in walking and running is an important cause of fatigue, then a logical first step to diagnosis fatigue would be to evaluate the reason why we could be … [Read more...]

What Songs Do You Listen To When Running?

    What are the top three songs you listen to when running? When you run barefoot, part of the analysis of form and technique is to hear the sound your foot makes on impact. By listening very carefully and making adjustments to the tension of your landing gear you can soften up your landing from a bang and a twist to a spring.... When it comes to running efficiency and reduction of injurious conditions... The "SPRING IS THE THING" As a reporter I met from the 'Malaysia Star', … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #175 Barefoot Running? What If I Step On Something? part 2

  As you can see in the video when I was barefoot running on the trail I was meandering around the rocks.  This adds another dimension to the barefoot running. When you are running barefoot you have to watch where you step. This adds an extra dynamic to the 'running training' What that means is if you have shoes on you don't pay much where you are stepping or the environment. Just running perhaps listening to your ipod and the latest music. I try to get into the training … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #157a What Is Foot Pronation And Foot Supination? Is It Good Or Bad?

Over Pronation ICD-9 781.99 What Is Foot Pronation And Foot Supination? Is It Good Or Bad? Tips For Better Health Ask the doctor, Dr. James Stoxen DC You go to your doctor and they say, "Your feet pronate too much or over pronate." Im sure that is what someone said to you which prompted you to google this article. There are many ways to describe over pronation but the way I describe it is when the foot rolls outside a range I call the safe range between rolling from the … [Read more...]

Why Do I Run Barefoot…

  Dr Stoxen, How Did You Discover the Human Spring Model and Why Do You Run Barefoot? When I first opened my practice, I wanted to be able to heal people and, at the same time, train sports champions. I went on a personal and professional mission not to only build a complete knowledge of the human body - the way we move and why - but to uncover the secrets of elite performance. My first decade in practice, I volunteered to treat athletes at every possible sports event, … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW: Dr James Stoxen DC, Human Spring and Barefoot Running, on “Second Opinion with Dr Ron Klatz”

Interview of Dr. James Stoxen Dc by Dr. Ron Klatz on Second Opinion, November 21, 2010 The Spring in Your Step: The Role of Foot Biomechanics in Overall Health  With show host Dr. Klatz, guest Dr. Stoxen explains the physics and engineering of foot biomechanics. Dr. Stoxen presents the concept of “The Human Spring,” and discusses its specific implications in overall health. Find out how shoes can cause damage to the foot and why “barefoot is … [Read more...]

RACE RESULTS: Dr. James Stoxen DC Runs Barefoot in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure for Breast Cancer

Dr. James Stoxen DC ran barefoot in the Susan G Komen 10K Race for the Cure for Breast Cancer. He placed 13th in his age bracket and 133rd overall. He was the only barefoot runner in this race. His mother, Lydia Stoxen, died of breast cancer in 1995. Race results can be found here. … [Read more...]

African Track Athletes Have More Spring – Lessons Learned from the 5th All African Track and Field Championships

In 1988 I was invited to work at the fifth All African Track and Field Championships in Annaba, Algeria. I found that the most extreme difference between the African athletes and my patients back home, was the spring in their feet and legs. In the African Track and Field Athletes, their tibialis posterior, tibialis anterior and peroneal muscles (I call the landing  muscles or spring suspension system muscles) were highly developed. What I discovered was that many of these African athletes … [Read more...]


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