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  • Dr Tania Ash

    Hi James, we heard you speak today at the A5M conference in Melbourne and were curious to know if you are aware of any chiropractor that practices your spring mechanism release protocol in Melbourne? If you do can you please forward details to

  • Luke Clarkw

    Hi James, I heard you speak at the A5M conference in Melbourne. thank you.. Are you aware of any chiropractor that
    practices your spring mechanism release protocol in Melbourne? If you do
    can you please forward details to me… thanks Luke

    • Hi Luke, Im sorry I have not responded I did not know these comments were here until today. I do not know of anyone who does the exact approach to examine, treat and train as a spring vs a lever in Melbourne. In fact, last week we had a family fly into Chicago for 27 hours of treatment in a three day slot.

      The patient told her chiropractor in Melbourne before she left she was getting treated 8-10 hours a day in Chicago by Anthony Field’s chiropractor and he said that was impossible πŸ™‚

      Could you say that 27 hours of treatment is like or the same benefit as 60 standard 15 minute treatments with an adjustment? It is my clinical opinion after going through as many as 50 of these cases that the results are better this way than stringing out the treatments over weeks to months.

      I am resourcing a research grant to do some studies on this and when they are done would you like them?

      Why dont you contact Dr John Petrozzi in Sydney Australia I am training him to do this approach now and he is capable.

      • Here is his contact information. Click on it and it will enlarge for you Thank you and contact me again when you need some assistance.

  • Dr Navarro

    James, thank you for a great conversation tonight regarding my broken foot. You are extremely talented and the deep tissue methods under the stress fracture section are amazing. Your scissor method is very relaxing for my foot.

    Hopefully I will see you again. —–Leslie 5201

    • Oh my Leslie thank you for responding I just read this as you can see I dont expect to find comments on the contact page. I hope your foot is better and Im happy I could be of some help to you πŸ™‚

  • Dr. Kareen

    Dr. Stoxen I just finished reading Anthony Fields book I want to thank for helping him restore his health. Also for the information about the springs in the foot. I have been having my husband work on his foot and we are both amazed at how much better he is he was unable to walk with out pain makes his farming uncomfortable. I do have a question though I just had a 9 year old male patient begin care and he was diagnosed with severs disease last fall. Suggestions would be great. First I had heard of this. His medical Dr. recommended hard shoes with heal cushion my gut says “NO”. Your thoughts or direction for research for me would be great. Thanks so much for your time. In Life Kareen L. Oosterhart, D.C. Michigan

    • Hi

      What you have to think about is this….

      Why is there so much stress in the heel?

      Why is there so much stress on the shins causing shin splints?

      The spring mechanism of the foot should have absorbed the shock of the landing before it hit the shins. It must be locked. Releasing it will allow the stress of the impact to be absorbed into the mechanism.

      So why is there stress in the heel?

      There is no spring in the heel. That is why when you “dig your heels in” you are actually putting on the brakes. We have to think that the ideal position for the body to be in at maximum impact or loading is when the body center of gravity is perpendicular to the earths gravitational pull. That makes sense with engineering.

      What we may have is that the boys maximum impact or maximum loading point is when he lands on his heel. We need to do a gait evaluation with the young man walking towards the camera normal speed, away from the camera normal speed, walk towards the camera at the fastest speed possible without running and walk the fastest speed possible without running.

      Put this video on the computer screen (a big one preferably) then move the video frame by frame and see if he hits hard on that heel.

      The best way to learn how to land is to think of your body as a pogo stick. You take your jump on the pogo stick then as you are flying through the air you are “throwing your mass” onto the pogo stick with the weight or mass in the precise position to get the desired effect from the next jump.

      Landing with the mass angled back to where you came – braking
      Landing with the mass directly perpendicular to the impact point – bounce up
      Landing with the mass ahead of the impact point – accelerating

      See below for the images

      Watch Video Tutorial #169 How To Land Your Foot When Walking, Running And Barefoot Running

      If his body weight bangs into the heel when he lands his foot you might want to teach him how to walk properly.

  • Bryan Wodaski

    Hello, I really liked your article on barefoot running nad especially the illustration of overpronation and oversupination. I do a weekly newsletter and this month on the benefits of walking. May I use that illustration? My website is

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  • Ricky Li

    can you tell me who in NYC or northern Nj Chatham area is someone who uses your techniques for morton’s neuroma?

    • TeamDoctorsClinic

      I have not trained anyone in NYC on my approach to Mortons Neuroma. My suggestion is that you do it yourself as I give away the same treatment I do you can do yourself. Also you should register for the updates as Im releasing 3 books before the end of the year and approximately 20 more articles on conditions of the lower body by years end. We will send the announcement about each book release and the articles will be sent to you the day they come out. Thanks again for your interest in my body of work. Dr Stoxen

  • Lori Lukes Kelly

    Hi Dr. Stoxen. I am interested in seeing someone who practices your approach to a morton neuroma that I have been dealing with and would like to try your treatment. I live in the western suburbs of Chicago. I just had my 3rd cortisone shot and it is not doing well. Advil helps alot though. I am active and would like to stay active and the idea of surgery doesn’t make sense to me if I can do the treatments you advocate and stay active. Please let me know where I can go to start.


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