Dr Stoxen Visits His Friends The Wiggles in Packenham, Victoria and Melbourne Australia

Dr. Stoxen and everyone's favorite.... Captain Feather sword

  Dr Stoxen visits his friends, The Wiggles, in Packenham, Victoria and Melbourne, Australia Watch the video above to see who greets Dr Stoxen at the airport?   The Wiggles Concert at The the Cardinia Cultural Centre in Packenham, Australia    The Wiggles getting strong in Packenham Watch above as Mr. Pirate and Anthony Field, the blue Wiggle walk on their hands. Amazing!         … [Read more...]

USA TODAY, MONDAY March 26th, Features Dr. James Stoxen DC And Wiggles Founder, Anthony Field

Dr James Stoxen and Anthony Field USA Today Monday March 26

  USA TODAY,MONDAY March 26th, Features: Dr. James Stoxen DC And Wiggles Founder, Anthony Field Watch for it on your newsstand! … [Read more...]


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