Video Tutorial #175 Barefoot Running? What If I Step On Something? part 2


As you can see in the video when I was barefoot running on the trail I was meandering around the rocks.  This adds another dimension to the barefoot running.

When you are running barefoot you have to watch where you step. This adds an extra dynamic to the ‘running training’

What that means is if you have shoes on you don’t pay much where you are stepping or the environment. Just running perhaps listening to your ipod and the latest music.

I try to get into the training aspect of barefoot running. Where I can increase my coordination, balance and agility.

Dr. James Stoxen steps around the rocks

When I am meandering around the rocks I have to place my foot around the rock and it might be placed in the position above.

tibialis anterior muscle

My next step I might need to use my balance to go around as you can see in the picture above. (notice the tibialis anterior muscle) I use my balance to keep my body mass over my foot and avoid the rocks.

I don’t ever think of running barefoot on rocks as a negative. I look at it as a positive as an added dimension, variable to improve:

  • Agility
  • Balance
  • and Coordination





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