Video Tutorial #179, 45 Degree Zig-Zag Hop, Jump Or Run



There are various variations of the 45 Degree Zig-Zag Hop. The video above shows the 45 degree zig-zag cone touch hop

45 Degree Zig-Zag Hop, Jump or Run


Warm up and stretch beforehand. Challenge the kids to time trials (don’t be surprised if they beat you – they already have fully intact, supercharged springs).

excerpt from the book, ‘How I Got My Wiggle Back’, page 169

Zig-Zag Run

Between cones or markers spread about three feet apart, run in a zig-zag pattern, always leaning in the direction you’re going.

Don’t plant your foot to change directions, rather, move your head and upper body, angling them to the target.

When your body mass heads in the new direction, gravity pulls you in a controlled fall (thus your feet and spring are always behind the mass).


watch above as Dr. James Stoxen DC trains 2 time USA Taekwondo Champion Christian Medina with Zig Zag Barefoot Running!

Dr. James Stoxen DC and Christian Medina

Important information about running drills

excerpt from the book, ‘How I Got My Wiggle Back’ page 168

Some of these routines repeat the strengthening techniques but add speed and impact. Remember to land on your midfoot or forefoot and spring off the ground; don’t bang your foot down in the landing/takeoff. You’ll be surprised how aerobically challenging these drills are. Our bodies are simply not accustomed to moving this way.

Anthony Field started off doing just a few minutes at a time, usually after walking through drills. Then after a few weeks, he picked up the pace, aiming to go as fast as he could without falling over.

Another variation of this exercise is the fast 45 degree hop with constant motion. (see video above)

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