Video Tutorial #169 How To Land Your Foot When Walking, Running And Barefoot Running


The next tip I’m going to share with you is the correct way to land your foot.

The body is the mass and the speed of which we are running is the acceleration. The force of the landing is how the mass engages with the human spring.

There are three ways your foot can land your foot with your bodyweight and the relation of your spring mechanism:

Dr. James Stoxen DC explains the best way to land your foot.

1. The first way is when your mass is behind the spring. I call this a deceleration spring landing. It’s also called ‘breaking’ in sports. When your mass is behind the human spring it can:

  • a. come to a complete stop
  • b. slow you down
  • c. as it slows down and breaks the momentum carried you over the break.

This is not the optimum way to use the mass to improve the spring action.

2. The second way is having the mass land directly over the spring. This is good to keep the stress and strain off of the human spring. Which leads to wear and tear and inflammation and eventually could lead to injury.  The bounce is very efficient in carrying you over with momentum over the foot. You are able to ambulate very nicely without the added stress and strain on your body.

3. The third way is when your mass lands ahead of the human spring.  I call this the controlled fall.

The advantages of this are:

  1. You have the spring action accelerating you forward
  2. You don’t have the heel landing that causes the breaking or extra stress on your joints.
  3. Another advantage is gravity which pulls you forward to where you want to go.  This helps with efficiency and speed.

This is why I recommend the controlled fall! click here to read more about the controlled fall in video tutorial #168

As you can see in the video above the sooner I can get into the accelerated step the faster I can go.




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