Debbie Gibson Discusses Secrets To Staying, Looking And Feeling Young With Dr. James Stoxen DC


Debbie Gibson Discusses Secrets To Staying, Looking And Feeling Young With Dr. James Stoxen DC

House of Blues
Chicago, IL 
August 13, 2011 

Dr James Stoxen DC with Debbie Gibson

Dr Stoxen: This is Dr Stoxen and here I am with Debbie Gibson! You know what? She looks fantastic. I was just remarking to her, yesterday on stage she looked amazing. You have a six pack.

Debbie: Thank You

Dr Stoxen: She is pretty strong too. We have to find out what do you do?

Debbie: Well for starters I have definitely been into fitness my whole life. I have worked out. But now, it’s all about how I eat. I started to do a program that my boyfriend, Dr. Rutledge has, called Better Than Lipo (BTL).  The program involves eating lean protein and vegetables. It’s cutting the sugar and the starch. What I learned through this program is when, why and how i’m addicted to certain foods. A lot of times what you think is hunger is emotion. No matter how much you eat, your never going to satisfy that void. Whatever it is. It might be that you need to meditate at that moment or take a walk. But it’s not always food. I also learned that if i’m going to pig out and eat a bunch of chocolate or chips, i’m going to do it, enjoy it, embrace it and the next day get right back on track.

Dr Stoxen: Yesterday you told me that you were connected to your body. You had a connection to how you feel that day and what you needed. I think that was one of the main thing that you felt this connection with your metabolism.

Debbie: Yes right. It’s getting to know yourself and what you need. I learned what my food intolerances were. The program helps you with that because you clean up your diet so much. Once you become so super clean, you feel every little thing. So if I eat something that sets me off then I know it instantly. Somebody asked Dr. Rutledge, “hey doc it’s really hard to find foods without sugar on the labels” so he said, “try eating foods without labels.”

Dr Stoxen: Right! Thats very good!

Debbie: Chicken, eggs, vegetables caveman. And if you trying to lose weight? My suggestion is, be really strict until you reach your goal. Because you can off set what you do in the course of five days. I know it is difficult and i’m not underestimating how difficult it is.

Dr Stoxen: People keep saying you have to eat healthy food well sometimes you eat TOO much healthy food.

Debbie: Yes watch volume too. I go out to a French restaurant with my boyfriend and we share a five course meal. We share everything and we eat slowly  and it’s real food and we are enjoying it at the same time. I think that has something to do with how you process it. It’s a feeling how I feel. It’s not about the scale. It’s about how I feel about my performance. How I feel for my man. There is something that keeps relationships alive when your taking pride in yourself. That discipline can be sexy. What it does it leave you with you. Your forced to confront your issues and thoughts I have an issue with wanting to busy my day. I used to have to turn on the TV or a radio on when I walked into a room. Now I like it calm and I don’t feel like I need to eat out of habit or the fun of it. It’s more to fuel me and for a specific purpose. I am aware and that is what the program did for me.

Dr Stoxen: It is so good to see you again.

Debbie: Good seeing you.

Dr Stoxen: Last year I saw you at the Chicago Pride Fest. When I saw you this year I thought to myself. How can you keep going on Tv to Broadway  to shows to auditions, meetings, stress. On the road can be so stressful.

Debbie: Yes you really have to be in control of your own life. I am in airports all the time. I literally have a chicken breast in a zip loc bag now that i’m taking to the airport.

Dr Stoxen: People don’t realize what they go through as artists. They get done with the show and somebody pulls a plane up and they get in and their in Chicago at 3:00 in the morning and….room service.

Debbie: What do you eat? When do you eat? You need to think ahead.

Dr Stoxen: People make excuses this one that one. I have children and you know what? You have those excuses and you have ten more on top of them.

Debbie: Yes and I want to put something else out there in terms of health, people don’t realize that even five or ten pounds over-weight you are increasing your percentage for all kinds of diseases.

Dr Stoxen: Thats right

Debbie: If you are a mom and you want to prolong your life and be with your kids it starts NOW.

Dr Stoxen: Thank you so much for spending the time with us.

Come back again next time for more tips from celebrities thank you!

Debbie Gibson rose to fame as a teen, busting out a string of no.1 pop hits. She is a creative songwriter and has also worked as an actress. She has also starred on Broadway, playing Eponine in Les Misérables. She is now a contestant on the new season of Donald Trump’s  Celebrity Apprentice.

Dr James Stoxen DC

Both Dr. Stoxen And Debbie Gibson support Children International.Which aims to bring real and lasting change to children living in poverty. In partnership with contributors, they reduce theirdaily struggles, invest in their potential, and provide them with the opportunity to grow up healthy, educated and prepared to succeed and contribute to society.






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