Video Tutorial #28 Self-Tests & Exercises To Reduce Over Pronation and Over Supination From Impacts During Walking and Running

  Exercise has long shown to improve health but not all exercise is healthy. Some doctors think just exercise alone without regard to what the exercise does is good enough. Wrong! Exercise such as running and even simple walking with over pronation or over supination can actually do you more harm than good. Also, exercise of any kind with a locked spring puts you at risk for injury and theoretically causes stress, strain, wear, tear and inflammation of the area of … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #97 On Your Feet All Day? Fatigued? Achy? Over Pronation? I Recommend Footwear with Extended Medial Counters

    Today i'm going to talk about shoes, specifically counters. A counter will help you stabilize or maintain your heel in a safe range in the rolling from supination to pronation. When your foot lands on the ground it starts on the outside and it rolls to the inside and springs off. If it starts too far to the outside then it could cause twisting of the leg. If it rolls too far to the inside then it could also cause twisting of the leg. Neither one is … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial # 99 What Is The Best Way To Lace Your Shoes?

    Today i'm going to talk about how to lace a shoe. That might sound kind of strange because most of them are already laced when you get them. You might think the company laces them correctly when you get them but that is not always true. I have a tricky way of lacing shoes that will make them fit perfectly, snug and make the shoe a better support mechanism when you need it.   What we have here is a Drew shoe and it has a lacing system that starts over … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #86 Dr James Stoxen DC Recommends The Best Shoes To Prevent The Foot From Deforming

Based on The Human Spring Approach and many patients that I have helped with shoe fitting I will explain my opinion on what are the best shoes to keep the foot from deforming. When the foot lands on the ground it lands on the outside and rolls towards the inside. That is how it absorbs the force. When it asends the force of the landing is absorbed by the 33 joints of the foot across the foot evenly. To summarize there are two ways of attenuating the force The rolling effect  and … [Read more...]

Chicago Tribune: “Naked Feel Is In Works For Shoes”, Dr Stoxen Predicts and Recommends Minimalist Shoes To Converse Japan, In 2007

  Chicago Tribune, “Naked Feel Is In Works For Shoes”, Dr Stoxen Predicts and Recommends Minimalist Shoes To Converse Japan, In 2007 Humans have been running barefoot, walking barefoot or in minimal footwear (moccasins and sandals) since the beginning of time. And like all children you ran barefoot. “Minimalist footwear” such as five finger shoes or barefoot running sandals  have become popular of late, particularly in the barefoot running community. Research conducted on barefoot … [Read more...]

ABC SPECIAL NEWS REPORT – Ties To Pain, Features Dr James Stoxen DC By Sylvia Perez

ABC SPECIAL NEWS REPORT - Ties To Pain features Dr James Stoxen DC By Silvia Perez February 23, 2005 We've all heard of the damaging affects of backpacks and our children's health. But how often do parents worry about their children's feet? One Chicago health professional says it's time they started. He calls it pronation syndrome. A Chicago chiropractor says more children are dealing with back pain today because of this problem. The culprit: shoes that are trendy and in … [Read more...]


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