Dr. James Stoxen DC Pays Tribute to Legendary Bodybuilding and Fitness Icon, Mentor and Friend Joe Weider

  Dr. James Stoxen DC Pays Tribute to Legendary Bodybuilding and Fitness Icon, Mentor and Friend Joe Weider  I will never forget the first exchange I had with Mr. Joe Weider back in 1993 when I was first starting my practice. It was a call I got from him to join the editorial advisory board for ‘Muscle and Fitness Magazine'. Joe was one of the greatest advocates chiropractic has ever had. To this day, the Muscle & Fitness advisory board includes two chiropractors: James Stoxen, DC, … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #11 – Training The Stabilizing Muscles that Improve Running Walking and Efficiency and How Joe Weider Provided the Insight

  In 1993, I was appointed to the editorial advisory board for 'muscle and fitness' magazine, by Mr. Joe Wieder himself. I’ll never forget that phone call. “Dr. Stoxen, I really like your articles! and I would like to know if you would like to be on my editorial advisory board for my magazine.” Joe Weider 1993 Of course, you know I thought that this was a prank by some friend of mine. I hung up the phone and went back to treating patients. About an hour later I got to … [Read more...]

Dr James Stoxen DC Interviews Victor Shenkin, USSR Olympic Weightlifting Coach – NSCA Journal – 1989

    Interview with Victor Shenkin USSR Olympic Weightlifting Coach Dr. James Stoxen DC National Strength & Conditioning Association Journal  October, 1989  Victor Shenkin is the Head Coach of the 1988 Soviet Olympic Team, General Secretary of the USSR Weightlifting Federation, Chairman of the Russian Powerlifting Federation, Chairman of the Soviet Committee of the IFBB and Chairman of the Russian Strongman Team. In this interview conducted in Montreal, Canada, … [Read more...]

The Ed Coan Story – What I Learned from the Strongest Man in the World

  What I Learned from the Strongest Man in the World, Ed Coan.  In 1986, I graduated from National Chiropractic College, (National University Health Sciences, formerly National College of Chiropractic). a year and a half early at 24 years of age. I was one of the youngest graduates in the college. In fact my father recommended that I grow facial hair as I did not look old enough to be a doctor. My very first patient was Ed Coan. I thought that something/someone greater was … [Read more...]

Chicago Tribune: “He’s 5 Foot 7 and 215 Pounds and There`s No One Stronger”, by Bill Hageman

  "He's 5 Foot 7 and, 215 Pounds, And There's No One Stronger" by Bill Hageman December 20, 1987 To read the orignal article, click here Picture the world's strongest man. A huge guy, right? Standing 6 feet 6 inches, maybe 6-7, weighing maybe 340, 350 pounds, glowering at his competition, growling, snarling. Nasty. Now meet the world's strongest man: Ed Coan of Evergreen Park, who is nothing like you'd expect. Coan, 24, won the champion of champions title last month … [Read more...]

Chicago Tribune: “Lifter Puts His Power Behind Commitment” with Dr. James Stoxen DC and Ed Coan

  Chicago Tribune: "Lifter Puts His Power Behind Commitment" with Dr. James Stoxen DC and Ed Coan by Linda Young July 28, 1986 To read the original article, click here He had barely reached his 16th birthday, but Ed Coan's mind was made up. He was going to become a body builder. That decision, however, was made before Coan entered his first contest. … [Read more...]


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