The Human Spring, A Logical Way to Look At the Way The Body Works?

chiropractic economics magazine

The Human Spring A unique approach to examining, treating, training and maintaining healthy mechanics By Dr. James Stoxen DC Chiropractic Economics Magazine Issue #6 Apring 17, 2012 The Human Spring An approach to examining, treating, training and maintaining healthy mechanics There is a large gap beween what coaches recommend for elite-level athletes and what most doctors recommend. for example: Many doctors will say that impacts are bad for you and that … [Read more...]


Bob Beamon

    In this video you will see an example of Human Spring at it's highest-level of athleticism. Bob Beamon broke the worlds record in the long jump and it stood for two decades!! Beamon set this world record for the long jump with a jump of 8.90 m (29 ft. 2½ in.), bettering the existing record by 55 cm (21¾ in.).  When his teammate and coach Ralph Boston told him that he broke the world record by nearly 2 feet, an astonished Beamon collapsed to his knees and placed … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #7 The Four Primary Functions Of The Human Spring Mechanism

The Human Spring Theory

What is it the Human Spring Mechanism and the theory behind it? 1. What the theory says is that the human spring stores mechanical energy therefore it is an efficiency mechanism. A spring is a structure that deforms its physical shape. During that formation process that spring stores potential energy. Then it reforms back to its EXACT original shape and releases the energy back into the mechanism. Think about a spring when you squeeze it down it stores energy and when you let it go that … [Read more...]

PRESENTATION ABSTRACT: Olympic Level Sports Biomechanics, The Future of Anti-aging Medicine, Seoul, Korea 2009

World Anti-Aging Congress and Exposition A4m Dr James Stoxen

Presentation Abstract Title: Olympic Level Sports Biomechanics, The Future of Anti-aging Medicine Presented by Dr James Stoxen DC To be presented at The Seoul Congress on Anti-aging Medicine Seoul, Korea, June 13, 2009 Anti-aging Medicine as defined by the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine as the earliest detection, intervention and prevention of age related diseases. The current standard of care only requires doctors to do evaluations of patients musculoskeletal systems when … [Read more...]


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