THORACIC OUTLET SYNDROME-Self Help Tips, Treatment and Prevention From Dr James Stoxen DC – BOOK – NINE/TEN CHAPTERS FREE

Dr. James Stoxen DC gives the presentation Thoracic Outlet Syndrome at the 12th Annual World Congress on Anti-aging Medicine Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas Nevada December 4, 2004

  You are reading Preface - Introduction - The Sonny Burke Story Thoracic Outlet Syndrome ICD-9 353.0 Tips For Better Health Ask the doctor, Dr James Stoxen DC FREE BOOK THORACIC OUTLET SYNDROME  by Dr James Stoxen DC Table of Contents Preface Introduction The Sonny Burke Story Chapter I      What is Thoracic Outlet Syndrome? (TOS) Chapter II     Anatomy  Chapter III    The TOS Controversy Chapter IV    History, Cause, and Patient Presentations Chapter V   … [Read more...]

BEIJING NEWS: Interview: Dr James Stoxen DC – Incorrect Walking Form May Cause Back Weakness And Pain (English Version)

Dr. James Stoxen DC, Beijing News Interview

Incorrect Walking Form May Cause Back Weakness And Pain Interview with American sports medical professor, Dr. James Stoxen DC Dr James Stoxen, D.C., has directed Team Doctors Chiropractic Treatment and Training Center.Dr Stoxen has developed very unique approaches to caring for patients who suffer from acute and chronic back problems and other serious musculoskeletal conditions – conditions that others feel surgery is the only cure. Stoxen’s treatments have received worldwide interest in … [Read more...]


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