Morton’s Neuroma – Self Help Tips, Treatment and Prevention From The Barefoot Running Doctor at Team Doctors

Morton’s Metatarsalgia ICD-9 355.6 Morton’s Neuroma - Self Help Tips, Treatment and Prevention From The Barefoot Running Doctor at Team Doctors  Tips For Better Health Ask the doctor, Dr. James Stoxen DC In this article is everything you ever wanted to know about Morton’s neuroma and more! Is your foot hurting? Do you have tingling in the feet or burning feet? Do you have foot aches and do you have toe numbness? The “Morton’s Metatarsalgia ICD-9 355.6” (pain between … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #202 When my feet hurt.. I did this pressure point and got relief.

MY FEET HURT! Tips For Better Health Ask the doctor, Dr James Stoxen DC I remember standing on my feet all day 14 - 16 hours a day for 135 days in a row on one of those runs when I was getting calls from so many big name entertainers that I could not say, NO! But I ended up with sore toes,  pain on the bottom of the foot pain on the side of the foot.  Lets just say my feet were in pain!   I also remember I had pain in the big toe like a turf toe. I did this deep tissue treatment for … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial # 99 What Is The Best Way To Lace Your Shoes?

    Today i'm going to talk about how to lace a shoe. That might sound kind of strange because most of them are already laced when you get them. You might think the company laces them correctly when you get them but that is not always true. I have a tricky way of lacing shoes that will make them fit perfectly, snug and make the shoe a better support mechanism when you need it.   What we have here is a Drew shoe and it has a lacing system that starts over … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #175 Barefoot Running? What If I Step On Something? part 2

  As you can see in the video when I was barefoot running on the trail I was meandering around the rocks.  This adds another dimension to the barefoot running. When you are running barefoot you have to watch where you step. This adds an extra dynamic to the 'running training' What that means is if you have shoes on you don't pay much where you are stepping or the environment. Just running perhaps listening to your ipod and the latest music. I try to get into the training … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial # 159 – Foot Lock! What You Get From Standing Too Long And How To Prevent It

  I have been standing in these shoes all day! My Feet Hurt! Maybe the pain will go away....... Those are six very dangerous words, maybe the pain will go away.... An activity as simple as standing all day can lead to pain in your feet. So you need to know how to protect your feet when you're stuck standing for hours on end, especially on a hard surface. Besides the stress of prolonged standing, the architecture of the foot can also increase the symptoms from pre-existing … [Read more...]

WBC Boxing Champion David Diaz Finds Training Secrets From Dr. James Stoxen DC!

  WBC Boxing Champion David Diaz finds Training Secrets from Dr. Stoxen! Click here to see the original article CHICAGO—Fight fans will be treated to one of the best lightweight bouts of all-time when WBC Lightweight Champion David Diaz defends his title against legendary fighter, Eric Morales in the “War for Four” at Rosemont, Illinois this Saturday. So says Dr. James Stoxen DC, who serves as Diaz’ chiropractor. In fact, he predicts a knockout. Part of the reason for his … [Read more...]


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