Chiropractic Comes To The Dr. Phil Show On March 14th. Don’t Miss It!


     I would like to invite you to watch the Dr. Phil show Wednesday, March 14. Dr. Mancini will be discussing Chiropractic Care in a positive mainstream light. I met Dr Mancini in February at the Parker Conference in Las Vegas. I greatly admire him for his leadership and the message he brings to the public. I urge you not to miss this interview.

What Dr. Macini says could change your life!

Dr. James Stoxen DC

In a major boost for the chiropractic profession, Dr. Phil will host Fabrizio Mancini, DC, the president of Parker University, on his program to discuss the wellness and the chiropractic lifestyle. This is major publicity that presents chiropractic care in a positive, mainstream light.

The program will air this Wednesday, March 14 

In addition to discussing chiropractic and lifestyle approaches to health, Mancini will introduce his new book, The Power of Self-Healing, and both he and Dr. Phil will work live with a volunteer patient.

Visit the Dr. Phil website to check local listings for air times in your market and please consider inviting your patients to watch the show. This exposure of your profession and explanation of the unique services you provide may generate interest in your community about the role you play as a healthcare provider.



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