Dr. James Stoxen DC Interviews 13 Time World Champion MMA Fighter, Shonie Carter, Part 2 of 2


Dr. James Stoxen DC Interviews 13 Time World Champion MMA Fighter, Shonie Carter, Part 2 of 2
At Team Doctors Training Center, Chicago IL
July 20th, 2011.

Shonie discusses his next fight and his total body weight suspension training routine.

He also discusses his work as a chef, a master mechanic, and an architect in the health industry.

He gives advice to men and women that are assured to make you more socially, culturally and aesthetically pleasing in a relationship.

Shonie announces his newest venture as a radio show host of MMA WEIGH IN on Chicagoland Sports Radio. He is also a published journalist for PRO MMA NOW published by USA Today.

Transcribed Interview:

Dr. James Stoxen DC Interviews Shonie Carter Part 2

Dr. Stoxen: Now your next fight could be the Titan Fighter Championship?

Shonie: yea, the Titan Fighter Championships… I don’t know how this will go because Im 40 and they want me to make 170. And…

Dr Stoxen: What is your weight now?

Shonie: Not 170

Dr Stoxen: I see

Shonie: Im like healthy. Look at that… (points to bicep) that’s the bad arm

Dr Stoxen: Yea, I see you are in shape

Shonie: Yea, Im doing total bodyweight suspension. All I use are dumbbells for bicep curls.

Dr Stoxen: Now didn’t we go over that suspended abb routine with you about 5 or 6 years ago?

Shonie: I am going nuts now. Doc, Im taking it to another level. Im doing TRX, Ripped 6, Rushfit

Dr Stoxen: Yes but wasn’t that total body suspension training something I introduced to you several years ago?

Shonie: Doc, Im going nuts now. Ive got two ton tow chains. Im talking about what you would find on a boat on navy pier a drift. Ive got these chains that I hang off an overhead apparatus of the ceiling of the health club and Im doin gymnastics.

Dr Stoxen: Do you have videos of that?

Shonie: Not yet. But Im doing it and I want to get someone with a cam recorder to film me.

Dr Stoxen: We could record you doing that

Shonie: yes because Ive got 40 exercises with plyometric boxes

Dr Stoxen: Would you share some of your exercises for our visitors on video?

Shonie: Sure

Dr Stoxen: That would be great.

Dr Stoxen: Now one very exciting thing I see is that you will be doing your own radio show. Tell us about that

Shonie: Yes, they are really… taking a risk.

Dr Stoxen: hahhahaha

Shonie: The world please stand by and put your seat belts on because Red Fox and Bernie Mac has now been introduced to MMA

Dr Stoxen: ah ha

Mr International Shonie Carter MMA Weigh-In Radio Show

Shonie:I’m me. The show is called MMA Weigh In with me and Lisa Aparati and me and this is recorded live at the Illinois Center forBroadcasting where Jerry Payton, he’s one of the dudes over there. Yea this is where they teach people to be radio DJs

Dr Stoxen: Isn’t that downtown right?

Shonie: Downtown

Dr Stoxen: Right by Grant Park

Shonie: exactly

Dr Stoxen: That’s a nice building

Shonie: Nice Nice

Dr Stoxen: So you are going to do a show there

Shonie: Im doing a radio show without any formal education

Dr Stoxen: Is it a weekly show?

Shonie: It’s going to be Sundays I’m on the web site www.chicagolandsportsradio.com

Dr Stoxen: You can google it and find it

Shonie: You can google me

Dr Stoxen: You can google Shonie Carter

Shonie: Nevermind those pictures of me in those gold speedos, Roberto Cavalli’s

Dr Stoxen: Do we need to take those photos like that of you down from our wall of fame? The pictures of you in the gold speedos?

Shonie: No keep those up to keep the women coming in

Dr Stoxen: People ask, who is that man? Now the other thing you are doing is very exciting is the USA Today column. You are a writer…. A writer

Shonie: Im a published journalist

Dr Stoxen: You will be a published journalist

Shonie: Yes

Dr Stoxen: But you have no formal journalist training

Shonie: No, I can talk to you about Kurt Vonnegut and stuff but I cant spell his name

Dr Stoxen: I don’t know if I could spell his name

Shonie: Most of my deals and shenanigans come from facebook and the guy sent me a facebook message and asked me if I would be interested in writing for Pro MMA now which is partners with USA Today

Dr Stoxen: Very good

Shonie: I said yes because I have done advice columns before and those were fight magazines.

Dr Stoxen: ah

Shonie: On the record, people that do MMA training and some fighters are just socially, culturally, relationship-wise, inept.

Dr Stoxen: Inept

Shonie: Yes

Dr Stoxen: And you are not

Shonie: I am not… Especially when it comes to the fairs of the hearts of women. I have a special place in my heart for women, especially latin women.

Dr Stoxen: Yes, and you can help them. You can provide special advice on how they can protect themselves from the goons and the creeps of the world.

Shonie: Yes I can help the women protect themselves and I can help guys… become more asthetically pleasing and relationship-wise acceptable.

Dr Stoxen: And gentlemanly

Shonie: And guys get up out your seat, don’t ask a woman her age, how much she weighs, don’t buy lingerie

Dr Stoxen: Don’t keep asking her what she does

Shonie: Don’t, she will tell you if she wants you to know.

Dr Stoxen: That’s right

Shonie: Im a trainer. I have to break all those rules but its for professional purposes.

Dr Stoxen: I see and also for research

Shonie: That’s what I do. Im a research development director. I am a mechanic. I am a chef. I am an architect.

Dr Stoxen: Ah, all those wrapped into one

Shonie: All within the health industry because I have to have the recipe like a chef. I have to be able to help fix or repair their bodies daily like a mechanic. Subsequently as an architect I have to be able to build from the recipe by having a technical proficiency of a mechanic to help people to be able to guide those to help them in reaching their health and fitness goals.

Dr Stoxen: An architect involves building something that is aesthetically pleasing and stands the test of time

Shonie: Right, and in an efficient manner Dr Stoxen: And that aesthetically pleasing body keeps out all that riff raff

Shonie: riff raff

Dr Stoxen: Listen it was great hearing about all of your adventures.

Shonie: Thank you

Dr Stoxen: Certainly everyone will want to know and would like to be as adventurous as you. They can take lessons now from your radio show and USA Today column

Shonie: Im hoping

Dr Stoxen: And you can teach them how to be more like you

Shonie: Im going to have you on the show

Dr Stoxen: That would be very nice

Shonie: Because you have helped me for years. Even now I come to you because Im waking up with numb feet falling to the left.

Dr Stoxen: We are going to try to fix that. It was great having you and we are going to put this up on our blog

Shonie: thank you

Dr Stoxen: and I know everyone will want to know. If you want to know more about what Shonie is doing you can hit him up on facebook. You are always accepting new friends

Shonie: Always. Listen ladies I will kick guys off to put you on

Dr Stoxen: There you go

Shonie: Fellows, don’t send any friend requests if your profile picture is when you are glistening, you know with your shirt off and you just did some situps and push ups with Vaseline and baby oil all over you with shades on like these. Look this is the un-famous Shonie. Don’t do that!

Dr Stoxen: No, no glistening bodies

Shonie: And you look like you are wearing Apple Bottom jeans for men or Baby Phats with the snaps undone almost don’t do that.

Dr Stoxen: That’s not aesthetically pleasing

Shonie: I will block you. I will block you.

Dr Stoxen: Its not an architecturally sound development according to Shonie Carter. Its your first lesson from Shonie.

Shonie: The first step is the most important step

Dr Stoxen: None of those aesthetically unpleasing photos

Shonie: Don’t be looking like the last Chip and Dale dancers. They are all in Vegas. God bless those boys but I just don’t need that in my life

Dr Stoxen: So we have learned there are rules to being a friend of Shonie Carter on Facebook…. Please abide by the rules. With that Shonie we are going to wait to hear about your next fight. We are going to post the news of your next fight on our blog. Stay tuned

Dr. Stoxen: Thank you again Shonie

For more information on Shonie Carter click here



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