Watch Dr. James Stoxen’s Interview On Weekend Breakfast ABC TV Channel 24 From Melbourne Australia

Dr. James Stoxen DC is interviewed on ABC TV Channel 24 On Weekend Breakfast from Melbourne, Australia on Barefoot Running and its Potential Health Benefits. The Segment Aired on 8/18/2012 It Was Hosted by Miriam Corowa and Andrew Geoghegan station link, click here Watch Dr. Stoxen's Interview with Miriam Corowa on Weekend Breakfast ABC TV Channel 24 above Team Doctors, Dr. James Stoxen DC has a background in sports medicine and believes barefoot running can have positive … [Read more...]

PRESENTATION ABSTRACT: Walk and Run For Life! Through Lever Mechanisms Or Spring Mechanisms? To Be Presented At The 6th Annual A5M Conference, Melbourne, Australia, August 18-19, 2012

  Presentation Abstract Title: Walk and Run For Life! Through Lever Mechanisms Or Spring Mechanisms? To be presented at The 6th Annual A5M Conference In Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine Melbourne, Australia, A5M, Website click here August 18-19, 2012 By Dr. James Stoxen DC President, Team Doctors, Treatment and Training Center   Abstract Running, as decades of studies have shown, is one of the best ways for your patients to put distance between themselves and … [Read more...]

Dr Stoxen Works Mayhem Festival 2012

  Dr. James Stoxen DC was asked to tune up the cast and crew of the Mayhem Festival on Saturday July 21, 2012. First Midwest Bank Ampitheatre 19100 Ridgeland Ave Tinley Park, IL 60477 The Mayhem Festival is a touring metal festival that takes place during the summer. The inaugural season took place in 2008; the festival has since become an annual event across the United States and Quebec, Canada. The tour has been sponsored by the Rockstar Energy Company since the time of its … [Read more...]

PRESS RELEASE: Dr. James Stoxen DC Is Inducted Into The Personal Trainers Hall Of Fame August 17-18 2012 Dallas Convention Center

  PRESS RELEASE: Dr. James Stoxen DC Is Inducted Into The Personal Trainers Hall Of Fame, August 17-18 At The Dallas Convention Center. Dr. James Stoxen DC is inducted in the Inaugural Personal Trainers Hall of Fame at the Europa Supershow August 18th with legends, Ted Gambordella, Larry North, Dr. John Spencer Ellis and Scott Sonnon.  According to Ted Gambordella, only 5 to 10 personal fitness trainers were considered for induction in the hall of fame per year.  However, there … [Read more...]

Article: Barefoot Approach, Foundation of Health Planted in Feet, Expert Says, Malaysia Star Newspaper, by JAYAGANDI JAYARAJ

  Barefoot Approach, Foundation of Health Planted in Feet, Expert Says Malaysia Star Newspaper written by, JAYAGANDI JAYARAJ June 9, 2012 Read the article here PLANNED exercise is done to supplement what we do not get in our daily routine, unless of course, if we were running barefoot through the jungle looking for our meals, there would be no need for gyms and exercise. For that reason, even cycling or going on a cross-trainer does not provide your feet the exercise they need to … [Read more...]

13 Time MMA World Champion Shonie Carter Demonstrates Insane Hanging Abb Routine At Team Doctors

  You don't have to have a flabby stomach or weak abdominal muscles.......   Weak Abbs can cause your Human Spring to lock and cause back pain....... Pain is not fun!!! Having strong sexy Abbs? That can be fun!!! You can train your abdominal muscles and achieve those rock hard abbs. Watch 13 time world MMA Champion, Shonie Carter train his abbs and strengthen his Human Spring at Team Doctors in the video below: Watch Anthony Field Training his abbs … [Read more...]

ARTICLE, NYCC SPINAL COLUMN: NYCC Chiropractor, Dr. Amir Majidi DC Embracing Human Spring Approach, How I Got My Wiggle Back and our 48 hour Trip to Malaysia

  Hi Friends This is a really great article in the New York Chiropractic College newsletter, The Spinal Column, about a young chiropractor, Dr Amir Majidi DC, who has embraced the Human Spring Theory, and has become one of my research assistants, then traveled 32 hours to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to help me lecture in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, April 27 – 29, 2012.  click here Enjoy the article, below! New York Chiropractic College May 2012 edition Title: Depew Intern Embraces … [Read more...]

USA TODAY – Wiggles Founder, Anthony Field and Dr. James Stoxen DC Appear In The Champions of Chiropractic, Advertorial In USA Today

      Hi Friends, This is the article that appeared in the USA Today Newspaper on Thursday, April 26th, 2012 while I was lecturing in Malaysia. I finally got a copy. The Champions of Chiropractic is an appropriate title for Anthony Field, a champion for children, treated by Team Doctors, Treatment and Training Center of Champions. Working with Anthony Field has been a very rewarding victory! Huge thanks to the Foundation For Chiropractic Progress for … [Read more...]

Tour Team Doctors With Dr. James Stoxen DC And Music Legend, George Daniels

  Watch above in this video of Dr Stoxen touring music legend, George Daniels around the Team Doctors Chiropractic Treatment and Training Center. This is the legendary George Daniels from Chicago and the Owner of George's Music Room. Simply a Chi-town legend and everybody's "Uncle G" from the G-Spot Radio Show.    Click here to watch one of  Dr. Stoxen's interviews on the G-Spot Radio Show with George Daniels and Caryn Lee  Dr. James Stoxen DC owns and operates … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #177 Side Lunge With Cable

  Side Lunge With Cable Instructions: Place the cable strap around your wrist (waist height) get into a wide stance Go down towards the cable so that it pulls you into a side lunge, then step back up. It's very important to keep the correct form You can also do this exercise by tying a band to a machine. … [Read more...]

What’s Your “Excuse” For Not Exercising This Time?

What’s Your “Excuse for Not Exercising” This Time? By  Dr James Stoxen DC Original Article: I hated every minute of the training, but I said, "Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion."  -- Muhammad Ali   We all know that you need to make every boxing-training session and do some cross training a few times a week to stay on top. But it’s a challenge. It can even be disheartening when we … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #112 Abdominal Oblique Exercise Demonstrated by WBC Pro Boxing Champion Miguel Macho Hernandez And Fighter Adrian Grenados at Team Doctors

  Abdominal Oblique Exercise Demonstrated by WBC Pro Boxing Champion Miguel Macho Hernandez    The Abdominal Rotation Exercise targets the oblique muscles. The exercise is performed from a sitting position with the shoulders positioned against the support pad. It involves rotating the torso in alternate directions, to the left and to the right. Watch Pro-Boxer Adrian Grenados On the Rotary Torso Machine Work His Obliques At Team Doctors With Dr. Stoxen … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #110 Dr. James Stoxen DC loses An abdominal Exercise Competition By One Rep. Watch And see

  Dr. Stoxen Loses An Abdominal Exercise Competition By One Rep.  Watch Above And See!!!!!   Instructions: Place your arms into the straps until your elbow shows. Reach your hand up and press into the top of the strap towards the back but do not grasp with your hands. Slowly bend your knees to 90 degrees. Then lift your pelvis and so your knees are above your waist and your thighs are parallel to the ground. Laterally flex your torso to the left and then back to … [Read more...]

Dr. James Stoxen DC Interviews 13 Time World Champion MMA Fighter, Shonie Carter, Part 2 of 2

  Dr. James Stoxen DC Interviews 13 Time World Champion MMA Fighter, Shonie Carter, Part 2 of 2 At Team Doctors Training Center, Chicago IL July 20th, 2011. Shonie discusses his next fight and his total body weight suspension training routine. He also discusses his work as a chef, a master mechanic, and an architect in the health industry. He gives advice to men and women that are assured to make you more socially, culturally and aesthetically pleasing in a … [Read more...]

Latin Showdown: “El Gallo Bravo” Ready for Return to the Ring

  Latin Showdown: "El Gallo Bravo" Ready for Return to the Ring Original Article: Further details of LATIN SHOWDOWN, Chicagoland's biggest professional boxing card of 2004 have been announced as Dominic Pesoli's 8 Count Productions and Bob Arum's Top Rank Incorporated along with Miller Lite returns to Hawthorne Race Course on Friday, October 15th. This marks the second straight month that Telefutura's internationally broadcast Friday … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial # 154 Barefoot or Shod? Which one is better? The debate!

  My presentation is titled 'Run For Life, Barefoot' because the shoe industry is promoting the various different high-tech implements and the adjustments to the human foot. The foot is perfect when we’re born and they’re making these claims that wearing their shoes will make you a better runner, it is safer and you will be able to run a for a lifetime. They market the shoes as some sort of anti-aging device or something that will allow you to prevent injuries. In reality 30 … [Read more...]

MEDIA ALERT: People Magazine This Week Features Wiggles and How I Got My Wiggle Back

  MEDIA ALERT: People Magazine This Week Features Wiggles and How I Got My Wiggle Back which Features Dr. James Stoxen's Approach That Helped Anthony Field Here it is:   Be Sure to get your copy  … [Read more...]

Dr. James Stoxen DC Interviews Professional Boxer, Jimmy Sandoval About His Upcoming Fight, Friday, March 30, 2012

Dr. James Stoxen DC Interviews Professional Boxer, Jimmy Sandoval, 'Superfly' at Team Doctors, Chicago IL March 20, 2012 They speak about his upcoming fight: Friday, March 30, 2012 at The Radisson Hotel Star Plaza 800 East 81st Avenue  Merrillville, IN 46410 Doors open at 7:00pm General Admission - 30.00 VIP Table Seat - 50.00 Ringside Table Seat - 100.00 To Buy Tickets Call: 1-888-550-6570 Call Dr. Stoxen if you plan to go … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #156 – “Some People Say Don’t Run Barefoot! It’s Not Safe Or Healthy For You!”

Your friend and maybe even your doctor might have said to you... "Don't Run Barefoot! It's Not Safe Or Healthy For You!" Is this good advice for everyone? Read this and decide for yourself what is right for you...   Don't Run Barefoot! It's Not Safe Or Healthy for People! It bothers me when I hear people are afraid to strive for a more barefoot lifestyle. Have they read the latest research conducted by Harvard University published in Nature in 2010? Why does this … [Read more...]

Dr James Stoxen DC Unplugged: Speaks Candidly about Training Miguel Hernandez for Luciano Perez!

Dr. Stoxen Unplugged: Speaks Candidly about Training Miguel Hernandez for Luciano Perez! By Juan C. Ayllon Original Article: CHICAGO – Doctor James Stoxen, DC is a chiropractor that enjoys notoriety working with athletes and show business people. He owns a clinic called Team Doctors on the Southwest side of Chicago and, as an expert on the foot, he’s given lectures around the world to medical doctors on his techniques for … [Read more...]


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