Video Tutorial # 113 Acute VS. Chronic Conditions In Running


In this post I will talk about how acute injuries are treated differently from chronic injuries to a point.

Some acute injuries are a result of a chronic manifestation of internal forces on the human spring because of a subtle abnormal movement pattern developed by some sort of deviation from a normal like pair of shoes. Standing on your feet too long or some kind of activity you do on one side of your body might also be the cause.

They have the internal forces that develop in your body and then when you increase the force of the tax or lifting internal force comes out more as ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’.

I love this video because even though it’s not funny when someone has an acute injury like this dynamic treadmill, we make light of these acute injuries as if that’s the thing that shuts us down more often than anything.

You hear about the story of how your grandpa or your dad was once a great athlete and he told you that he would’ve gone pro if it wasn’t for that injury that took him out.

Life certainly changes when you have an acute injury that takes you out of commission.  It turns our activity list into the can’t do this and they used to be able to do’s.
I used to be able to do that before I had the injury but  now I can’t anymore.

In Anthony Fields book, how I got my wiggle back, he talks about how life turns into the before and afters. Before he herniated his disc he could do anything, he was indestructible. He was an infantry man.  After he herniated his disc,  his body deteriorated and  over time he could not do much of anything not even dance and at times he couldn’t walk.

Acute injuries can certainly lay us out for good but most don’t.

What’s the difference between those who recover fully and can do everything they used to be able to do and those who cannot?

For those who can’t do those things anymore it’s  because they did not recover from their injuries.  Something was getting in the way of the healing process. Once we figure out what is getting in the way of the healing process and remove it then we can recover fully and completely. In Anthony’s case what was getting in the way of the healing process was a locked human spring mechanism, detected on the gait evaluation and the evaluation that was done backstage in 2004.

There’s a lot of things we used to be able to do when we were kids like run barefoot. Some of us cannot run barefoot anymore.

I turned 50 years old in February and I’m running barefoot no problem, no pain, no injuries.

What can’t you do now because of injuries?

People ask me as a doctor in the entertainment industry having been invited to treat top level entertainers and their handlers at over 130 concerts as their backstage Dr. what exactly is it that I do back there?

Do I wait for some accident to happen just in case someone gets hurt and then come in and treat them? No I tell them that’s a pretty useless job standing there waiting for an accident to happen.

People don’t understand that the majority of painful conditions and problems with performance levels for maximum level performance are due to a weakness and or locking of the human spring mechanism. The celebrity performers and top athletes have figured that out. That’s what I get hired to do, release the human spring mechanism.

releasing the human spring mechanism allows the human body to move smoother, with an increase spring and decreases the risk of injury. By maintaining your human spring mechanism to the highest level of its performance capabilities it can be in top performance may decrease injuries keeping you in top shape longer

Injuries can come from a slight abnormal movement pattern that causes stress and strain in the Human Spring  Mechanism  leading to abnormal wear and tear and a release of inflammation and eventually could end up becoming a painful condition

So, no I don’t sit backstage all day from 4 PM till one in the morning working with these top entertainers just waiting for an injury to happen.  I’m working 10 hours straight without breaks sometimes just releasing internal forces from the human spring by making necessary adjustments on the joints for the hard and releasing muscle tension from the human spring.

There’s no secret to becoming a celebrity doctor or doctor to the stars. Really what it boils down to is having a treatment approach that works for in getting the results that they’re looking for more than what they expected. This is what I shoot for in my work. I call it the WOW factor. My goal is to have them say wow when they get up from the table.

My recommendation is that you take a look at what the human Spring approach can do for you and find your WOW.



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