Video Tutorial #6 Important Functions Of The Human Spring Mechanism, To Protect The Body From Impact Forces

The functions of The Human Spring:

  1. The Human Spring recycles energy through the spring mechanism
  2. The Human Spring is a protective mechanism

The Second important function of the Human Spring is that is absorbs the forces of the landings. Therefore it is a protective mechanism that protects you from the impacts.

Kids fall down and cry for a minute and then get up and run around like nothing ever happened. When we as adults fall down sometimes we have a hard time getting up. We don’t spring up from the fall sometimes. Some of us do a simple bend or slip and have chronic pain for 25 years.

Why do kids rebound so quickly and spring back from injuries?

The theory states that it’s because they haven’t had binding of their spring mechanism. We havn’t put the shoes on their feed to bind their feet so they don’t have a weakness in ability to absorb impacts.

Why do you think kids kick their shoes off when they are little?

Because it’s not natural. Footwear is un-natural.

We were born barefoot.

Click here to read ‘Why Barefoot,’ written by Dr James Stoxen DC

The story of why Dr Stoxen runs barefoot and why he recommends barefoot training to his patients





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