Video Tutorial #196 ‘Getting Fit At The Playground Series’ The Hanging Abdominal Split, Demonstrated By Dr. John Petrozzi DC, Spotted By Dr. James Stoxen DC

  Dr. James Stoxen DC of Chicago IL and Dr. John Petrozzi Dc of Leichhardt NSW Australia April 29, 2012 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Challenge your abdominal muscles with a hanging abdominal split exercise This is an exercise you can do with your kids. It's great you take your kids to the park but why not get involved in do some of the Playground Series exercises while your there. Not only will you have fun with your kids you will also be getting in shape!!! In the video … [Read more...]

Dr. James Stoxen DC Treats The Easter Bunny

    Even the Easter Bunny needs his human spring released so he can hop over with a big basket of eggs without hurting his bunny-back. … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #6 Important Functions Of The Human Spring Mechanism, To Protect The Body From Impact Forces

The functions of The Human Spring: The Human Spring recycles energy through the spring mechanism The Human Spring is a protective mechanism The Second important function of the Human Spring is that is absorbs the forces of the landings. Therefore it is a protective mechanism that protects you from the impacts. Kids fall down and cry for a minute and then get up and run around like nothing ever happened. When we as adults fall down sometimes we have a hard time getting up. We … [Read more...]


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