Video Tutorial # 99 What Is The Best Way To Lace Your Shoes?



Today i’m going to talk about how to lace a shoe.

That might sound kind of strange because most of them are already laced when you get them. You might think the company laces them correctly when you get them but that is not always true.

I have a tricky way of lacing shoes that will make them fit perfectly, snug and make the shoe a better support mechanism when you need it.

The Proper Way To lace Shoes


What we have here is a Drew shoe and it has a lacing system that starts over the top.

When you lace the shoe from over the top it doesn’t allow the leather strapping mechanism to come together so easy when you go over the top on the first lacing.

1. What I do is change that and from the start lace the shoe from underneath. (pictured above) So the first lacing and all of the lacing come from underneath and over.

2. The second thing you might notice is an option or a loop on the top of the shoe. I recommend that you never, ever put that lace through that loop. The reason why I say that is when you pull that tight what can happen is the toe lifts of the shoe.  If this starts to happen then the arch of your foot won’t be able to handle the landings.

The more relaxed the arch of your foot is with less tension the more maximum force it can absorb into the mechanism and spring off the ground for efficiency.

Dr. Stoxen explains the importance of lacing the shoes correctly


Once again when you lace the shoe at the top it pulls the toe up even more and the front of the shoe won’t even touch the ground, which keeps the arch reversed and makes the spring mechanism weaker. The other important factor is to lace under and over.

Thats the two tips on lacing I can give you.

Do it with one shoe to compare how it feels with the other shoe.

Dr. James Stoxen DC shares tips on how to lace a shoe properly

Lace all of your shoes this way!!!






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