Dr. James Stoxen DC Lectures At The International Busan Anti Aging Expo, June 27-29 2013

  Dr. James Stoxen DC  lectures at The International Busan Anti Aging Expo 8th Busan Active Aging Conference in Asia Pacific (ACAP) at the Bexo Convention Hall Busan, Korea Click here to go to the conference website Getting Younger Korea! Forever Young Korea! 'The Mecca city of Anti-Aging' Busan will make Korea younger! Busan International Anti-Aging Expo 2013 provides a place for communication between Anti-Aging related companies and consumers as aging/anti-aging medical … [Read more...]

Dr. James Stoxen DC Lectures at The Florida Chiropractic Association CE Seminar August 16-18

  Dr. James Stoxen DC Lectured and gave a workshop at The Florida Chiropractic Association CE Seminar,(FCPA) at The International Palms Resort and Conference Center 6515 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819. August 18 Lecture: Sunday August 18th, 1:00 pm -3:00pm in the Citrus Room Close to 500 in attendance! Dr. James Stoxen DC will give the lecture, "Walk and Run For Life! Through Lever Mechanisms Or Spring Mechanisms?" Dr Stoxen explains that running, as decades … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial # 159 – Foot Lock! What You Get From Standing Too Long And How To Prevent It

  I have been standing in these shoes all day! My Feet Hurt! Maybe the pain will go away....... Those are six very dangerous words, maybe the pain will go away.... An activity as simple as standing all day can lead to pain in your feet. So you need to know how to protect your feet when you're stuck standing for hours on end, especially on a hard surface. Besides the stress of prolonged standing, the architecture of the foot can also increase the symptoms from pre-existing … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial #157a What Is Foot Pronation And Foot Supination? Is It Good Or Bad?

Over Pronation ICD-9 781.99 What Is Foot Pronation And Foot Supination? Is It Good Or Bad? Tips For Better Health Ask the doctor, Dr. James Stoxen DC You go to your doctor and they say, "Your feet pronate too much or over pronate." Im sure that is what someone said to you which prompted you to google this article. There are many ways to describe over pronation but the way I describe it is when the foot rolls outside a range I call the safe range between rolling from the … [Read more...]


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