Video Tutorial #198 ‘Getting Fit At The Playground Series’, Beginners Hanging Abdominal Stretch-Strengthening, Demonstrated By Dr. John Petrozzi DC, Spotted By Dr. James Stoxen DC

Dr. James Stoxen DC of Chicago IL and Dr. John Petrozzi Dc of Leichhardt NSW Australia
April 29, 2012 at a park
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Dr. James Stoxen DC Spotting Dr. John Petrozzi DC, Beginner Abdominal Stretch


Beginner Hanging Abdominal Stretch Training, Demonstrated By Dr. John Petrozzi DC, Spotted By Dr. James Stoxen DC

We have been talking about some of the exercises that are in Anthony Fields Book, ‘How I Got My Wiggle Back’. You can learn a lot about the Human Spring Approach by reading the book.

You can find the book at your local bookstore as well as on click here to view

Today we are going to develop the mid-section (abdominal muscles) to get the Human Spring stronger. By strengthening the spring mechanism it will help the body bounce off the ground.

Dr. John Petrozzi has been working hard on his Ab routine and perfecting it to the delight of Anthony Field, from the ‘Wiggles.’

Dr. Petrozzi is Anthony Field’s doctor in Sydney Australia.

This is a very simple beginners abdominal stretch you can do. It is great if your just trying to get started and warmed up. You might not be able to do gymnastics but this exercise would be a good start to help train your abdominal muscles and get the blood flowing.


  1. Grab the bar or rings above. Do not strain the muscles of your hands, forearms or shoulders on the grip
  2. Slowly relax your muscles and lean forward shoulders.shoulders, chest, back or abdominals as you stretch down.  Feel the stretch of the muscles of the front of your body including your shoulders, chest, abdominals, quads and calves.
  3. Use your ABDOMINAL MUSCLES ONLY to pull yourself back up again. It is a pelvic tilt and a crunch-like movement.
  4. DON’T CHEAT, you will only be cheating yourself
  5. Repeat the exercise as many times as you can do it with proper form and technique.

As you can see from the video above. Dr. Petrozzi is really honing in on these exercises and you can too!!!

Watch Anthony Field from the Wiggles train backstage incorporating the Hanging Abdominal Stretch on the Flying Trapeze in the video below

Get outside and bring your kids to the park and instead of sitting on the bench just looking at them get in shape.  Resist the temptation to be texting and email your friends, surfing the net or talking to the other out of shape parents in the area.

No pitty partys at the playground!

Challenge yourself with the other “Getting Fit at the Playground Series’ exercise and have fun with your kids by challenging them to do the exercises too.   Take turns to see how many you can do and how many they can do and make a game.

Always coach by complimenting them first, telling them what to improve second then complimenting their overall performance to conclude with a big smile and a thumbs up or a pat on the back.

This is what I recommend for family fitness, health and fun.

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