“Barefoot Running Helped Me Qualify For The USA Taekwondo Olympic Trials”, Christian Medina.


Dr. James Stoxen DC interviews two time National Taekwondo Champion Christian Medina about his training and the upcoming Olympic Trials which take place in Colorado on January 12, 2012.

Dr. Stoxen shares how watching Christian walk and evaluating his gait revealed that his Human Spring was banging into the ground which caused him to have a weak and locked spring.

They discuss how impacts are not bad if you first release and unlock the Human Spring. If the spring is intact then it will bounce off of hard surfaces. Running barefoot is a good way of finding out if you have good form and technique.

Dr. Stoxen explains the importance of good shoes and how wearing shoes that are weak can be a cause of the breakdown of the Human Spring Mechanism.

Both Dr. Stoxen and Christian demonstrate the aspects of barefoot running. Making sure their feet are pointed straight and starting with a fall forward stance for an advantage on gravity.

They both demonstrate the importance of changing your running pattern such as running in a Zig Zag pattern. How it helps develop all of the spring suspension muscles.


2011 USAT National Championships (Bantam): BRONZE

2009 Pan Am Junior Championships (Jr. Welter): Quarterfinals
2009 USAT Junior National Team Member (Jr. Welter)
2009 USAT Junior National Team Trials (Jr. Welter): 1st
2009 USAT Junior Olympics (Jr. Welter): SILVER
2009 Illinois State Championship: GOLD
2009 Dutch Open Team Member
2009 U.S. Open: SILVER

2008 Copa Mexico: GOLD
2008 Tournament of Champions (Minneapolis, Minn.): SILVER
2008 AAU National Team Member
2008 AAU Team Trials: GOLD
2008 USAT Junior Olympics (Welter): SILVER
2008 New York Open: GOLD
2008 Kansas City Classic: GOLD

2007 Tournament of Champions(St. Paul, Minn.): GOLD
2007 USNTF International (Chicago, Ill.): GOLD
2007 USAT Kansas City National Qualifier: GOLD
2007 Indy Cup (Indianapolis, Ind.): SILVER

2006 North American Championship (Avon, Ohio): GOLD
2006 Gold Cup (New York): SILVER
2006 USAT Senior Nationals: GOLD
2006 Tournament of Champions (Dayton, Ohio): GOLD
2006 Circle City Championship (Indianapolis, Ind.): GOLD
2006 U.S. Champions (St. Paul, Minn.): GOLD
2006 All American Challenge (Hammond, Ind.): SILVER
2006 Woosop Cup: GOLD
2006 Mid-American Championships (Oxford, Ohio): GOLD
2006 USAT Rochester National Qualifier (14-17 Division): GOLD
2006 U.S. Open (14-17 Division): BRONZE

2004 USAT Junior Olympics: GOLD

Senior Master Luciano Medina trains Christian Medina and other athletes at:

The Champion Taekwondo Center

3657 East 112th Street in Chicago, IL 60617


Click here to learn more about Christian Medina








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