13 Time MMA World Champion Shonie Carter Demonstrates Insane Hanging Abb Routine At Team Doctors

  You don't have to have a flabby stomach or weak abdominal muscles.......   Weak Abbs can cause your Human Spring to lock and cause back pain....... Pain is not fun!!! Having strong sexy Abbs? That can be fun!!! You can train your abdominal muscles and achieve those rock hard abbs. Watch 13 time world MMA Champion, Shonie Carter train his abbs and strengthen his Human Spring at Team Doctors in the video below: Watch Anthony Field Training his abbs … [Read more...]


    In this video you will see an example of Human Spring at it's highest-level of athleticism. Bob Beamon broke the worlds record in the long jump and it stood for two decades!! Beamon set this world record for the long jump with a jump of 8.90 m (29 ft. 2½ in.), bettering the existing record by 55 cm (21¾ in.).  When his teammate and coach Ralph Boston told him that he broke the world record by nearly 2 feet, an astonished Beamon collapsed to his knees and placed … [Read more...]

Dr. James Stoxen DC Interviews 13 Time World Champion MMA Fighter, Shonie Carter, Part 1 of 2

  Dr. James Stoxen DC Interviews 13 Time World Champion MMA Fighter, Shonie Carter, Part 1 of 2 Listen as Shonie talks about his broken bones, the difference between boxing and MMA, his fights with Rumen Dimitrov and Jeremy Knato. He shares about his adventure climbing the pyramid of Giza in Cairo, Egypt.       … [Read more...]

My Experience with Andrei Arlovski former UFC Heavyweight Champion – The Pinnacle of Athletic Performance

  Who’s the most popular celebrity I’ve worked with? I get that question a lot. We could debate that for hours, but if you want to talk about the most extraordinary athletes who are celebrities I’ve encountered? Andrei Arlovski would be up there with the best of them. Both in training and competition, the former world Ultimate Fighting Heavyweight Champion makes demands on his body that few of us could imagine, let alone endure. For six days a week and between six and … [Read more...]

Andrei Arlovski, “The Pit Bull”, Former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Stopped By To See Dr James Stoxen DC. Part 2 of 2

In this interview Dr. Stoxen tells a funny story how he tricked Andrei into eating a healthier diet. Andrei talks more about his diet and training that helped him win 7 fights in a row including the title. Andrei gives 3 tips to athletes who want to win. We hope you get some laughs from watching this interview.  To learn more about Andrei Arlovski and his upcoming ProElite fight you can visit his website at arlovski.com   Andrei Arlovski … [Read more...]

“Barefoot Running Helped Me Qualify For The USA Taekwondo Olympic Trials”, Christian Medina.

  Dr. James Stoxen DC interviews two time National Taekwondo Champion Christian Medina about his training and the upcoming Olympic Trials which take place in Colorado on January 12, 2012. Dr. Stoxen shares how watching Christian walk and evaluating his gait revealed that his Human Spring was banging into the ground which caused him to have a weak and locked spring. They discuss how impacts are not bad if you first release and unlock the Human Spring. If the spring is intact … [Read more...]

Through the Fire and Back: Andrei Arlovski Coming of Age

  Through the Fire and Back: Andrei Arlovski Coming of Age By Juan C. Ayllon Original Article:  http://www.martialarts.dk/vis_emne.asp?id=10151 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – Almost two weeks ago at the United Center, 6’-1” and 224 lb. WBO Heavyweight Champion Lamon Brewster shocked odds makers and 21,000 screaming fans alike as he tore into and dispatched the hulking, 6’-4” and 248 lb. favorite Andrew Golota in 53 seconds flat. Looking on, Ultimate Fighting Heavyweight Interim Champion … [Read more...]

Andrei Arlovski Holds Court At “Team Doctors Training Center”! January 28th, 2005

Andrei Alovski Holds Court at “Team Doctors Training Center”! By Juan C. Ayllon Original Article:  http://www.cyberboxingzone.com/news/archives/00000703.htm CHICAGO, IL -- Andrei Arlovski is an imposing athlete. At 6’-4” and 240 pounds, with door-wide shoulders, body builders arms, and a chiseled torso tapering to a full “eight pack,” he could pass for a premiere NFL offensive end. Sporting a full beard augmented by a day’s growth, high cheekbones, a gray winter cap and a black sports … [Read more...]


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