Video Tutorial #151 Lateral Cone Jumps

Lateral Cone Jumps

Lateral Cone Jumps

Taken from excerpt from the book, ‘how I got my wiggle back’

From side to side jump over three or four markers (cones) keeping your legs together and throwing your arms upward.

Strive for maximum height and concentrate on landing midfoot or forefoot.

Don’t rest between jumps.

Form is so important while performing any of these exercises.

Have you ever seen those heroic scenes of elite marathon runners willing themselves over the finishing line? In some of the most bizarre cases, they can barely walk or they stumble all over the track, seemingly unable to control their legs.

That’s an extreme example of losing form. Put simply, by holding our form we perform the actions and movements that best serve our biomechanics, allowing for peak performance.

When you start to lose form-maybe your arms start to hang lower, or your shoulders slump, or your feet drag- your level of functioning deteriorates. This loss of form can not only lead to an injury, it delivers a damaging message to your brain.




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